Kerry Cannon and Free Lance Gloor: Cause It Matters

Free Lance Gloor

Lance Gloor is a father, a son, and choose to pay his bills as a Washington State farmer just like so many are in the present Washington State I502 market. This is the reason so many are petitioning for Lances freedom. One such vocal person has been Kerry Cannon.

Kerry has taken the Safer Stencil concept to help get Lance’s message out there because someone needs to keep asking “If America was great like everyone believes then why does a man serve time for something that has a recreational market?”.

Besides working with Lance’s Mom and Dad in support of Lance, Kerry is the new director for The International Women’s Cannabis Coalition and chapter leader for Washington and California.

Kerry Painting Free Lance Gloor Shirts


WN: What inspired me?

KC: I don’t personally know Lance, but became aware of his case shortly after I moved to WA. I was able to attend one day of his trial and was outraged by what I heard took place in that courtroom. The guilty verdict was something that has never left the back of my mind, as I know Lance doesn’t deserve to be behind bars.

When reading Tracie Gloor Pike’s Facebook posts pleading for others to help her son it broke my heart. Mother to mother, I knew I had to do something to help her. I was not sure what I could do first. Then it hit me… The greatest tool I’ve had in educating and advocating for cannabis has been my Safer Shirts. That thought hit me right before the Cannabis Freedom March in Seattle. I decided to make a Free Lance Gloor homemade stencil, paint up a shirt for myself to wear at the march, a few to hand out & see if the magic wearing a Free Lance Gloor shirt would be the same conversation starter & education tool that a safer shirt is.

WN: Where is the farthest place you’ve sent a shirt so far?

KC: The furthest I’ve sent a shirt in the US is Maryland. I’ve also sent one to Yucatan Mexico and sent Free Lance Gloor stencils to Spain.

One last thing I would like to add working in an I502 production facility, the thought crossed my mind almost each & everyday that although I’m doing a legal job in this state, I could very easily end up in the same position as Lance Gloor.

Free Lance Gloor

Kerry does what she does without having ever spoken to Lance, this is kind of activism cannabis needs, selfless acts to supporting another without asking for anything in return.

I would like to thank Kerry for her time and encourage you to support her efforts at the Free Lance Gloor website where you can make donations for a shirt or even check out her Etsy where she sells other arts and craft items devoted to cannabis.

One last plea before I sign off; to the present powers in charge, the Republican party, the ones that want to defeat and bury all things Obama.

If Trump released more pot prisoners than Obama he would have bragging rights over Obama then and it would be of Trump’s if not the Republican party’s legacy. Also, if Trump did a mass release of nonviolent cannabis offenders, I would be the first in line to vote for him next election. If someone is going to “sell out” this is where it counts. As much as I love and miss the time Obama was President, I would give Trump gangster props for freeing so many men and women. This, in my opinion, would be the greatest legacy.

Here’s the segment of The Cannabis Common Sense show where I talk about Lance Gloor. Apologies for the bad audio, you have to crank most of the volume for Lance’s story.

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