Justin Bieber Needs To Tweet About Marijuana Reform More Often

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I have long been vocal about the need for celebrities that consume marijuana to step up and use their massive voices to support marijuana reform. Celebrities are often caught on camera smoking a blunt or leaving a dispensary, and mainstream media and marijuana media alike swoon. It is one of my biggest pet peeves because, while I could care less if celebrities are smoking blunts, I care a lot about reform.

Ordinary citizens don’t get to enjoy the freedoms afforded to celebrities when it comes to marijuana. If a celebrity gets caught with marijuana, they are usually let go. And if they do have to face charges, they likely have the resources to fight the charge and get off with a slap on the wrist. Compare that to a poor person in a poor neighborhood who likely gets shaken down multiple times on the same walk home. If they have marijuana on them, they get thrust into a criminal justice system that is very hard to get out of.

Justin Bieber has been in the news a lot for marijuana, usually for consuming it. Again, I could care less if Mr. Bieber gets high on his private jet. In fact, I would assume that a young man with all the time in the world to kill would be consuming marijuana. I have long wanted people like Justin Bieber (or Miley Cyrus or Rhianna) to use their massive social media channels and prominent voices to urge reform of the laws governing the plant that they seem to enjoy quite often.

Justin Bieber finally stepped up and tweeted out the following recently:

The link went to a video posted by ATTN which was already doing well on the internet, and after Beebs tweeted to his over 88 million followers, I’d imagine the video went into hyper-drive. That makes me very happy to know, as it was a very well produced video about the pharmaceutical industry fighting marijuana reform.

I truly hope that Justin Bieber indeed talks about marijuana reform more. I hope he has some talking points, and would love to see him team up with an organization like NORML or SSDP to help push reform. Bieber has a lot of pull, and a lot of resources, and many friends that also do, and it would be huge if they helped reform efforts. Say what you want about Justin’s music, but never bash his advocacy. He would be a huge asset to the movement (if focused), as would other celebrities that proudly consume marijuana.

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