Join Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus In Supporting Cannakids

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus supports Cannakids.

Like millions of folks around the globe, I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead, AMC’s post-apocalyptic-zombie drama. Good friends and I love to get together and watch the trials and tribulations of Rick Grimes, Michonne, Daryl Dixon and the entire gang on Sunday nights. During interviews and specials it has always struck me how much the cast seemed to really love each other, becoming a family over the years while filming in Georgia. The actors, while it is impossible to know for sure, just seem like genuinely good people. It was great to see that Norman Reedus, who plays fan favorite Daryl Dixon, has helped validate my feelings by supporting young kids utilizing cannabis oil to combat their cancer.

From Cannakids’ crowdfunding page:

Norman Reedus typically spends his days entertaining his fans slaying zombies as Daryl Dixon on the hit TV show The Walking Dead, but now he’s asking those same fans to help him give back this holiday season! For every $5 you donate you’ll get 1 entry into this raffle for a chance to win 1 of 10 amazing prizes chosen & autographed by Norman himself!!!  Once the campaign ends on January 11th, 2017, the 10 lucky winners will be chosen at random, and Norman will announce them on his Facebook page that week.  We will ask each winner to send us their home address and we will ship your winnings right to your door.  The earnings for the raffle will go to support CannaKids’ pediatric patients and their families!

So you know a little about the cause, CannaKids is an organization out of California that uses cannabis oil therapy to treat patients with serious diseases, with a focus on pediatrics.  Their patients have cancer, epilepsy autism and beyond, and find great relief from their ailments using CannaKids’ oils.  The medicine is really expensive though, and insurance doesn’t cover the cost.  It’s tough year round on these families, and CannaKids is always working hard to raise funds to help them.  A huge thank you to Norman for pitching in to aid these patients get the help and support they need, and Happy New Year to all!!
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The fight to end the failed and harmful policy of cannabis prohibition is a cultural, as well as political battle, so support from prominent actors can help raise awareness for our cause. Norman Reedus lending his name to help children battling cancer helps these young kids and helps spread the truth about the medical benefits of cannabis, adding to the ripples of beneficial policy changes we are seeing across the country. Please, join Norman Reedus in helping Cannakids reach their goal and spread the word about this important cause.

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