Join The Homegrow Conversation On December 9th: Washington State Recreational Legalization Still Needs Help


Why is homegrow important?

It’s about progress and justice; it’s about knowing right from wrong and doing the right thing. We can all agree that rape and murder is wrong, so why do we allow for that to happen to so many Americans just trying to put food on the table by growing a plant? Why are we putting away contributing citizens of society, so that big business has cheap labor? So that manufactured pharmaceuticals and law enforcement make money based on fake needs? Why do we continue to let the world’s view of America clout ours, cartels and immigrants aren’t who you should be scared of, its lobbyist and politicians with business interests.

Homegrow is a civil right and essential to any framework calling itself legalization. It bothers my mind that the average Washington State citizen doesn’t concern themselves with this, but I think its also due to complacency. We live in a state where the average consumer/ citizen who is making 80k and above doesn’t want to bother with growing, we’re a fast food instapak society, but it behooves all consumers to allow me to grow my cannabis just like brewing my beer.

Homegrow is not the competition but expansion of the market. Before the recreational market, there was medical, a time when dispensaries statewide were selling clones and seeds, along with flower, concentrates, and infused products. Homegrows did not undermine the medical market and it won’t the recreational. Growing is hard and requires a trial and error skillset but as more people become informed on how to grow this will create a higher need for better quality products which will, in turn, be better for the consumer.

Public Meeting Occurring to Support Homegrow Legislation

Message from Washington State activist John Kingsbury; Come and organize. Share ideas. Get information Listen to Rick Garza and Joanna Eide. Rational cannabis policy in Washington State depends on our efforts. Nobody else will do it for us. Commit to attend next Saturday. Mark it on your calendar, December 9th.

We want home grows this session, not years down the road. Initiative 502 passed half a decade ago; No more excuses. The people demand change. Lots of people think we should not be the only legal rec state without home grows; the most common question is “What can I do?”

If you come to the December 9 Action Plans for Home Grows, we will have lots of suggestions of things you can do to work for change: Little things and big things plus you will also have a chance to share your ideas. There will be a table piled full of information about home grows for you to use.

WSLCB Director Rick Garza will take his Saturday to drive all the way up to Seattle to talk to us and answer questions. I am sure we can learn something from that.

If you want Washington State to finally get the right to grow at home like every other legal rec state already and if you want to help in the fight to make that reality then spend an hour and a half on December 9 at 3 o’clock in Lake City Way.

There are two simple things you can do right now: Commit to showing up on December 9 and Second, share this article with like-minded people.

You can also share the Facebook event here. If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like your thoughts heard, you can contact the organizers here at and submit your ideas.

What Should Cannabis Regulation Look Like?

Cannabis regulation is plant regulation which should just be good vegetable gardening practices. Washington State went over the top with a dash of reefer madness when it legalized cannabis. The law made it so that there are only a defined amount of players when it should be open to every citizen of the state, a chance to become something better. Lab regulation is plant regulation. By placing lab requirements on recreationally sold products, this allows the consumer to make an informed purchase.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis board need to focus on the present recreational model and leave the homegrow citizen alone; we are not the competition. Homegrows are not a concern of the Federal Government as stated in the Cole Memo and as seen by the raids and actions taken place in Washington since the recreational law came into effect.

If you’re a Washington State citizen, please let the WSLCB know how you feel about homegrow and if you’re in the Lake City area please attend the December 9th meeting.

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