John Sinclair Pens His 100th Column For Michigan Cannabis Magazine

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Legendary poet and rebel John Sinclair has authored his 100th monthly column for Michigan’s longest-running cannabis publication.

Sinclair is a cultural icon revered internationally by the cannabis community. His sentence and subsequent incarceration in the 1970’s led a national wave of outrage, eventually inspiring John Lennon of The Beatles to write a song describing his plight. After concerts, challenges and court cases Sinclair won his freedom and has been making records, writing books and pushing for change ever since.

The MM Report, formerly the MMM Report, began publishing his columns in 2011 in their 3rd issue, Sinclair wrote in the July 2019 issue. Sinclair is a native of Flint, Michigan, where the MM Report is published. The 100th column is titled, “Free The Weed.”

Never one to pull punches, Sinclair sums up the last ten years in this paragraph:

“Since I started writing here we’ve seen hundreds of grass-roots dispensaries open and close, we’ve brought about the legalization of marijuana for personal use of whatever sort, and we’ve witnessed the construction of a vast state bureaucracy and shakedown system to contain and stymie the marijuana community.”

Later, Sinclair adds: “It’s going to be a long time before the square American who believes in the bullshit teachings of the War on Drugs will be able to regard the marijuana smoker as anything but a bad citizen who is abusing drugs for a sinful purpose.”

Sinclair adds to the article an extensive quote from this writer’s story, “Prohibition is a cloak difficult to shed” and provides an update on the case of Sinclair et al v Michigan Board of Pharmacy, which seeks to eliminate cannabis from Michigan’s schedule of illegal drugs.

That case, which includes as plaintiffs NORML of Michigan and several activists including Josey Scoggin, has been dismissed by the Court of Claims on “procedural grounds.” Executive Director of NORML of Michigan, attorney Matthew Abel, says the group will appeal. His law firm, Cannabis Counsel, and Komorn Law are the principal representatives for the legal action on behalf of Sinclair and the others.

Sinclair recently recognized several other milestones: the 50th anniversary of his incarceration, the 420th weekly episode of the Michigan podcast ‘Planet Green Trees Radio Show’ and the 809th weekly episode of his beloved John Sinclair Radio Show podcast on ‘Radio Free Amsterdam’ and Mixcloud, recorded in Flint.

Source: The Social Revolution – syndicated with special permission

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