Jack Herer Vape Cartridge By Orchid Essentials (Cannabis Product Review)

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The vape pen cartridge and battery sector of the cannabis space is very crowded, and getting more so with every passing year. Every time I visit dispensaries I see a new vape pen cartridge company or two, and new batteries have been coming out on virtually an everyday basis for several years now.

I have consumed a lot of vape pen cartridges and used a lot of vape pen batteries over the years. A vast majority of them left a lot to be desired. A number of vape pen cartridges that I have purchased have gummed up or been defective in some other way.

One brand of vape pen cartridge that I tried had a taste that was so terrible (like what I would imagine a bicycle tire would taste like) that I would never try it again, even if it was the only vape pen cartridge brand left on earth. A lot of vape pen batteries are overly complicated, don’t hold a charge for very long, and/or are flat out ugly looking.

I recently purchased a cartridge and battery combo that stands above the crowd in many ways, and very well might be both my new favorite vape pen cartridge AND vape pen battery. The company that I am talking about is Orchid Essentials, and specifically the Jack Herer strain vape cartridge.

I have followed the company on social media for a while now, and have always wanted to try out their cartridges. The company’s reputation is stellar, and all of the cannabis that goes into their oil comes from craft cannabis growers who refrain from using any pesticides. It’s the type of company that I want to support with my hard-earned dollars.

Many of my friends have tried Orchid Essentials, and they always touted the flavor involved with Orchid Essentials products. It only took one puff from the Jack Herer cartridge to know what they were talking about. The flavor was intense, more so than almost any other cartridge oil that I have ever consumed. I love the Jack Herer strain’s taste in flower form, and the flavor came through extra strong from the cartridge.

The Orchid Essentials cartridge is easily the best cartridge design that I have ever seen from a vape cartridge company. It’s made out of super solid material, way superior to the junk cartridges that most companies use these days. The cartridge allows for the best airflow that I have ever experienced. It results in efficient, effortless inhales time after time.

I put vape pen cartridges and batteries through more wear and tear than the average consumer, and a lot of company’s products can’t keep up. They may work well when fully charged and for the first hit or two, but then go rapidly downhill the longer that I use them.

The Orchid Essentials cartridge had no problem keeping up with my frequent use and has created large clouds of vapor for me hit after hit. I can’t say enough good things about my purchase. Not only would I recommend Orchid Essentials products to friends and family, I’m planning on getting them as gifts for people for the holidays. Every consumer should own one of these pens and cartridges.

One of my good friends has consumed more vape pen cartridges than anyone else I know, and he feels hands down that Orchid Essentials are the best vape pen cartridges that he has ever consumed. After my first cartridge, I can’t say that he’s wrong! I cannot wait to try more flavors in the future. I hear good things about all of them.

If there are Orchid Essentials cartridges in your area I highly recommend that you try them out. They cost a little more than some other cartridges at dispensaries, but they are absolutely worth every single penny. Trust me.

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