It’s Time To Fix West Virginia’s Medical Cannabis Law

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(image via West Virginia Public Broadcasting)

If you live in West Virginia, check out the action alert that I received yesterday and please do your part:

West Virginia’s 2018 legislative session is underway, and several bills have already been introduced to make the medical cannabis program more workable and accessible for patients.

The two most important bills that have been introduced so far are HB 4147 and HB 4149. HB 4147 would require the state to begin issuing ID cards to qualified patients and caregivers in July of this year instead of waiting until July 2019. HB 4149 would allow patients to purchase cannabis flowers from dispensaries, rather than limiting patients to more expensive extracts.

Please email your state legislators today and tell them patients can’t afford to wait another year and a half, and that they need access to whole plant cannabis!

We expect there will be more bills introduced soon, but this is a great start. After you write your legislators, please forward this message to your family and friends!


Matt Simon
Legislative Analyst
Marijuana Policy Project

Johnny Green
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