It’s Time For Vermont To Regulate Marijuana Sales


Vermont made history earlier this year when it legalized marijuana via legislative action. However, the legalization bill that was passed involved personal cultivation and possession, but not sales. Check out the legislative alert that I received today out of Vermont, seen below:

Passage of Vermont’s legalization bill, H. 511, was a huge step forward for the state — and the nation. Now that Gov. Scott has signed this bill allowing personal possession and cultivation, effective on July 1, it’s time for the legislature to begin moving forward with plans to regulate and tax marijuana production and sale for adults 21 and older.

Some legislators who voted no on H. 511 have already said that they support regulating and taxing marijuana. Others are reconsidering their positions now that it’s clear that marijuana will soon become legal. A bill on this issue, H. 490, is still active in the House after being carried over from last year.

Please email your representatives to follow up on their votes on H. 511. We’ve made the process quick and easy: Simply click on the link and type in your email and address. Then, pre-written letters will load based on how your lawmakers voted. For “yes” votes, “thank you” letters will appear. Regardless of how they voted, the letters will ask them to support regulating and taxing marijuana. Feel free to edit the letter to your liking, or craft an entirely new (respectful) message if you prefer.

After you follow up with your elected officials, please share this message with your family and friends!


Matt Simon
New England Political Director
Marijuana Policy Project

Johnny Green
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