Ireland: 77% Support For Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana is medicine. That’s a statement that I make with confidence. That confidence comes from the fact that thousands of studies have proven that marijuana has medical properties. That confidence also involves knowing the fact that the United States government holds patents involving marijuana’s medical properties, and that the same federal government has a medical marijuana program in place that supplies medical marijuana to 4 patients, and has been for many years.

I also know from first hand experience that medical marijuana works. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my foot at the age of 34. There are days that the pain in my foot is so great that I can’t walk. Medical marijuana is the only thing that helps on most of those days. I have witnessed many, many of my friends and family members use medical marijuana to treat their conditions with great success.

Everyone deserves to have safe access to medical marijuana, and to use medical marijuana if it helps them and their doctor supports it. That is true in America and beyond. Medical marijuana reform is picking up momentum in Europe, with Ireland coming up a lot in reform conversations. The Minister of Health recently stated that he would ‘take action’ on medical marijuana in Ireland in January. Such a move would be supported by an overwhelming majority of Ireland’s population according to a recent survey. Per The Journal:

A poll conducted for The Claire Byrne Show by Amárach found that 77% were for it, 13% were against while 10% responded that they didn’t know.

There has been a sharp rise in the number of people discussing the pros and cons of legalising the drug in recent weeks.

Health Minister Simon Harris has asked the Health Products Regulatory Authority to get expert advice on medicinal cannabis.

When 77% of your citizens support a policy change, I think it’s safe to say that the policy change is beyond overdue. Marijuana has been proven to be 114 times safer than alcohol. The suffering patients of Ireland deserve to use a medicine that is much safer than pharmaceuticals. Hopefully the Minister of Health makes good on his promise to take action on medical marijuana in January, and I hope that action is meaningful.

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