Introducing A New Holiday: #SativaDay


By Rick Bakas

We can be thankful for days like April 20th and July 10th when cannabis lovers can come out of the shadows and celebrate the plant. As if we needed another reason to celebrate cannabis, there’s a new holiday on the horizon — #SativaDay.

Sativa Day isn’t just a day to get high. By taking place on the Thursday before Labor Day it signifies the convergence of harvest season and the holidays. This is the time of year when summer temperatures give way to chilly autumn nights, and we all start wearing cozy apparel while cooking hearty meals. Trimmigrants start migrating out west as beautiful flowers are hung to cure. It’s a great time of year when sativa day could be the unofficial kick off to the fall season.

Because the cannabis industry can’t advertise, a group of cannabis enthusiasts got together with a ‘rising tide floats all boats’ idea to bring exposure to cannabis brands. As the idea gathers momentum, it attracts consumers who are curious about learning. This is a community effort meant to help the industry, as such, there is no cost for brands to participate or be listed on the website. It’s all done out of goodwill.

Cannabis brands can connect with consumers via the #SativaDay hashtag. Either by creating compelling content and sharing it on all social channels with the hashtag, or by responding to consumers who are using #SativaDay in their posts.

In short, it’s an online/offline event that celebrates sativa (and all things cannabis). By getting everyone to talk about the same thing at the same time it creates a large self-selected audience of potential customers.

Reach and Impressions

Metrics are the name of the game. Organizers of #SativaDay found traction in the wine industry with a similar model. #ChardonnayDay began almost 10 years ago and grew into a worldwide effort reaching hundreds of millions of people in countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Argentina, Mexico, New Zealand and in the United States. Chardonnay day now gets featured regularly in major Conde Nast publications and has been covered in the New York Times among other media outlets.

For example, when #ChardonnayDay began in 2010, there were 2,400 tweets from 600 participants. The following year on the second annual Chardonnay day there were over 4,000
participants sending over 12,000 tweets reaching 28 million people. It’s continued to grow from there.

The vision is to bring that same size audience to the cannabis industry, because now is the time in history to finally tip the scales to change things at the federal level.

Getting Involved

For cannabis brands interested in participating, it couldn’t be any easier. Send company logos to to be featured on the site (for free). All that’s requested is to promote the event using the hash tag on any and all social channels.

Preparing educational or interesting content ahead of time is recommended.

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