International Cannabis Business Conference Tickets Go Up at Midnight!


As recreational cannabis begins to come online before the start of the new year, the State of California is about to enter new territory. And the world is watching.

Get your tickets now for the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco on February 17th! THE $299 EARLY BIRD PRICES END TONIGHT! The all-inclusive VIP pass includes a special reception on the 16th that includes an appearance by Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, the frontrunner to be the Golden State’s next governor and is even on the short list to be the next president of the United States. Also, Tommy Chong will be in attendance!

Join experts global and local to showcase current and upcoming trends in the cannabis legalization market, including speakers such as Lori Ajax, Chief of the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation of California; Chuck Rifici, founder and CEO of Canopy Growth; Tsion Sunshine Lencho, co-founder of Supernova Women for women of color in the cannabis industry; Hezekiah Allen, Executive Director of the California Growers Association; and many, many more.

Don’t wait – GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! Early bird prices end at midnight!

There’s only one place to learn about what is happening in California before the state turns recreational – and that’s California.

Don’t miss one of the most exciting events in cannabis industry history! Don’t forget Keynote Speaker Henry Rollins and Celebrity Interview with John Salley. Get your tickets now for the International Cannabis Industry Conference is coming to San Francisco on February 17th at the San Francisco Hilton Union Square.

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Amber Iris Langston
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