Industry Tours Sets The Cannabis Business Summit Apart From Other Events


Learning about the cannabis industry is a multi-faceted endeavor. If someone sticks to just one method of educating themselves about the fastest growing, most exciting industry on the planet today, they will likely be barely scraping the surface of what the cannabis industry is all about. The cannabis industry is not a stagnant thing. Not even close. Pinning down cannabis industry information is like trying to hit a moving target.

The rules that govern the cannabis industry are constantly changing, and the landscape of the industry is constantly evolving. The dust in the first two states to legalize cannabis, Washington and Colorado, has yet to fully settle. The next generation of states, Oregon and Alaska, are engulfed in even more uncertainty. A major expansion is coming down the pipeline as Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, and especially California come on board.

Enough to make your head spin? Now consider the international winds of change and their ramifications on the industry. Legalization is on the way in Canada. Canada and Israel are trying to export their business practices and products to other countries. Germany, which has over twice the population as California, is in the process of creating a national medical cannabis system. Mexico is reforming their laws. Legal sales are about to occur in Uruguay. How will all of these changes affect the industry? Most importantly, how will it affect your cannabis industry aspirations?

I don’t know anyone in the cannabis space that knows everything about the cannabis industry. But there are true experts out there who have a knowledge base and ability to see things developing that others don’t. Pretty much all of them are going to be at the upcoming Cannabis Business Summit and Expo hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association next month. There will be expert panels, expert keynotes (including Vicente Fox!), and various other learning opportunities.

One learning opportunity that really sets this event apart from other industry events is the industry tours. As far as I know, no other event allows event participants to take tours to see how companies operate. And the Cannabis Business Summit doesn’t just have run of the mill businesses giving the tours – it involves some of the top companies in the entire cannabis space. Steep Hill Labs and CW Analytical Labs are the most credible labs in the nation. You don’t have to be in the laboratory business to be able to learn from hands on experience at their laboratories. Lab testing touches many, many parts of the industry and no doubt will have a profound impact on your business. You should learn as much about lab testing as possible. Why not learn from the best?

I would say the same for Berkeley Patients Group and Magnolia Wellness, two of the most reputable and amazing dispensaries that exist in the cannabis space. Whatever your business model is, it likely depends on retail outlets in some way. The people that run both of these entities are longtime freedom fighters and the education that they can provide is invaluable. You get to see the dispensaries in a way that the public does not. This is like when you took a really hard course in college and it had lecture time and lab time so that you could see what you were learning in a more tangible way. You can look at stuff on Google and social media until the end of time but it will never substitute for being at a world class facility seeing the magic occur right before your very eyes.

The Cannabis Business Summit will take place in Oakland from June 12-14. The industry tours are broken up, and space is limited, so you will want to lock down a spot ASAP. Early bird ticket prices end on May 19th, so take advantage of the discount while there is still time. It’s my understanding that the lodging at the event is nearly at capacity, so keep that in mind. There is an overflow lodging location near the venue, but I’d recommend staying at the Oakland Marriot Center where the event is being held. It makes it much easier to network with other people staying at the venue, and makes it easier to get to bed after a long day of absorbing information and shaking hands. You can find out more about the event on Facebook and via the event’s website.

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