In Washington State: Homegrow Laws Would Reduce Crime

Seatac Homegrow Invasion KOMO4 Photo
Seatac Homegrow Invasion KOMO4 Photo

The Law Makes You A Criminal, Not The Plant

Homegrow laws avoid making new victims of the war on drugs. The plant is benign, the law surrounding is cancer on our society. Croptober is over for the world, and as I’m thankful that no one jumped the fence to my yard and stole them, there are so many not so fortunate. I know many strangers knew about these girls, there’s a three-story apartment complex behind me with only a 5ft fence, so unless the apartment houses are for the blind, someone saw them. Now I know there wasn’t going to be any police issues because at one point one of the balconies had about 20 plants on it which I watched slowly die, they only needed water man!

The Haul


My plants couldn’t have been mistaken since they eventually grew to be about 7 ft tall, it was pretty fucking awesome. Now as they cure in the spare bedroom, I reflect on how fortunate I am. I won’t be getting pounds or even quality cannabis from this grow, but I have gained experience and self-satisfaction. Something most Americans aren’t able to enjoy without the threat of police or risk of neighbor due to the street value of a plant that can be grown by anyone with time, skill, and energy which results in most of a year.


It’s bad enough that the cannabis consumer lives under constant threat of losing their freedom, but one also has to worry about ambition thieves who get wind of your grow. Even after you’ve harvested, you’re not in the clear; thieves think there’s easy money to be made by stealing any significant amounts of cannabis, quality or not. Recently there was a home invasion near where I live, three assholes decided to try and take someone else’s hard work (Good growing is so fucking hard). The grow was supposedly an illegal medical grow, now I don’t know how many plants this guy had, but anything under 100 and this guy isn’t a cartel, it takes a lot of plant material to make extracts to treat ailments. Why should I be mad about another person’s success in cannabis when all they were missing was a license, a fineable offense, not prison.

If this person shot or killed the intruders while defending their plants, there would be an uproar as in this Michigan case, but if he were protecting his indoor macadamia trees, he would be hailed a hero by those same ones. The drug laws continue to be an eyesore for our history books, can we end this fucking chapter already?

As we go through these bullshit steps of regulation, can we once and for all agree that it’s not an arrestable offense to have “too many” plants. Would you put a serial jaywalker behind bars? Locking people away for a plant is more toxic than the plant itself. Even in a legal state, many have faced financial losses and personal setbacks for being in violation of some arbitrary law, not by having a victim.

If everyone had a chance to grow, there would be less opportunistic criminals. I would like to leave you with a song by Joey Bada$$ and his track “Land Of The Free”. We need to end the war on us or we as a nation will never be great.

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