If You Could Ask A True Cannabis Industry Expert A Question What Would It Be?

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It wasn’t that long ago that it was fairly rare for someone to ask me a question about cannabis. That is why I started blogging about cannabis back in January 2010 – I wanted to talk about cannabis but didn’t have too many people to talk to about it since it was still very much taboo back then and not nearly as mainstream as it is today.

Zoom forward to now, and I am fielding questions about cannabis from friends and family on an almost hourly basis. I am hit up all day now with questions from people via text, e-mail, social media, etc. Some of the questions I can answer quite confidently whereas others I encourage people to do their own research and let me know what they find out.

Finding credible answers from credible sources about cannabis is not an easy task. There are so many people out there passing themselves off as ‘experts’ these days, especially when it comes to the cannabis industry. Because there is so much profit potential involved with the emerging cannabis industry, the jacktivists seem to be out in full force and growing in number.

Fortunately for Weed News readers and other cannabis industry enthusiasts, there is a new show out that answers some of the top questions about the cannabis industry and beyond. The show is called ‘Ask Steve DeAngelo‘ and it involves readers from Green Flower submitting questions to Steve DeAngelo and Steve answering them to help spread his knowledge about cannabis (which is extensive!).

Steve DeAngelo is the founder of the world’s largest dispensary, Harborside. DeAngelo is also an author, a passionate cannabis activist, and a personal hero of mine. I have had the benefit of talking with him on a few occasions and each time he provided me with invaluable information that I use on a frequent basis.

If you are curious about the cannabis industry, or anything else relating to cannabis, I highly encourage you to check out his new show. It is produced by Green Flower, which creates the best online shows and summits in the cannabis space.

Steve DeAngelo is a true cannabis expert and a cannabis movement pioneer. He is a wealth of knowledge and has a way of speaking about cannabis that is unparalleled. Click here to watch the premiere episode of Ask Steve DeAngelo produced by Green Flower, and share it with everyone that you know!

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