How To Water Your Marijuana Plants


No matter what environment your plants are growing in, they are going to require lots of water. Because the amount and frequency of watering required changes according to the environment the plant is growing in, it can be one of the trickiest aspects of raising healthy marijuana plants.

Water is so important because it serves as a means of transportation for nutrients and minerals throughout the entire plant. It also helps plants regulate their temperature by cooling things down on hot days (which is why plants need more water at high temperatures). Additionally, water helps maintain the structure of the plant cells, and it is used in the process of photosynthesis.

Source Of Water

Marijuana growers generally feed their plants water from the faucet, although tap water is not always completely pure. Tap water often contains added minerals, such as calcium, sodium, and magnesium, although you will never really have an exact count of what minerals are in your specific tap water on any given day. At the very least, try and find out if your water is hard water or soft water. Hard water has more minerals.

Quantity of water

There is no single rule when it comes to watering marijuana plants – or any plants, for that matter. It varies according to the environment you are raising your plants in, as well as the plant’s size and stage of life, the soil type, the minerals in the tap water, and so on. In general, plants that are maturing should be in a warmer and drier environment, and their leaves will be larger to allow for more evaporation.

Watering schedule

This is the main question for all marijuana growers: when should I water my plants? You need to avoid both overwatering and underwatering, and you need to have a solid understanding of what life stages of your plant’s growing season will require more or less water. For instance, the very early stages of growing marijuana plants need simply to keep the soil moist so that the seeds don’t dry out before they even get a chance to live.

As soon as roots have formed, more “normal” watering can take place. The bigger the root system, the more water it will absorb. Be sure not to drown your plants, of course. Do this by checking that the top layer of the soil is thoroughly dry before you water your plants again. In general, be sure to water your plants slowly so the water doesn’t just escape the bottom in one huge burst. You should also keep the temperature of the room around 70 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure an optimum temperature for your plants’ roots.

If you water your plants in the morning, you will likely be allowing them their best chance of absorbing everything since the sun is not yet strong and it will soak in rather than evaporate right away. Don’t water at night, however, because it could lead to other problems with fungi or mold.

Common problems

The main issue that new growers will run into is overwatering their plants. The soil your plants are growing in shouldn’t always be extremely wet. If the soil never gets a chance to dry, harm can befall your plants and their roots because of developing mold, fungi, root rot, and other such problems. Avoid this by allowing enough time in between watering your plants.

Then again, you will also need to avoid under watering your plants. Dehydrated plants will not be able to function normally, and if they lack water for too long and their roots dry out, the plant will begin to die.


Liquid fertilizer should generally be avoided or kept to a minimum if your growing medium is soil. This is because these types of fertilizers are absorbed rapidly by the roots, which could end up damaging the plants if too much is absorbed so quickly. It’s much easier to fertilize your plants without a liquid fertilizer. If you do use it, be sure to pick a biological fertilizer (rather than a chemical one) and mix it in with your water before watering the plants with the resulting solution.

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