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When I first decided to cultivate cannabis many years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I had friends and family that grew, so I had a very general overview of what was involved, but I knew next to no details. I knew there were lights, soil, and water (sometimes with nutrients in it). Back in those days, the internet existed but it did not house nearly the amount of cannabis cultivation knowledge that it does now.

In that era, most people asked a friend that had experience cultivating cannabis for tips. For many people that was a lame experience. Newbie growers would often get a very long lecture from a slightly more experienced grower about all the things that they were doing wrong, and in return, received a couple of moderately useful pointers. For the most part a grower would just have to struggle through a handful of crops and learn on the fly.

Another option back then was to look for a cultivation book to buy, which was way harder to do than it is now. Now cannabis cultivation books, and all types of cannabis books for that matter, are sold all over the place. But in years past that was far from the case. Headshops were about the only places to find them, and even then, not all headshops carried quality books.

Luckily for growers these days, they don’t have to go through that. Now newbie growers can learn from the internet at their own pace and in the privacy of their own home. One resource that I always point people towards is a free download for the Marijuana Grow Bible by Robert Bergman.

It’s a great way to learn the basics of cannabis cultivation in a quick and easy fashion. Some grow guides are extremely complicated, and while still worthwhile, they are not always a good starting point for newbie cannabis growers. Because it’s free, there’s literally nothing to lose with this guide and it’s full of useful information. Robert’s website also has a lot of other good resources too, so feel free to explore and learn from his expertise!

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