How Much Does Cannabis Cost Where You Live?

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Cannabis has intrigued me since the first time I consumed it in the early 1990’s. Since that time I, as many others had before me, got particularly fascinated in the types of cannabis that people consume across the country, as well as how much cannabis costs in each state. Whenever I would travel and make friends in new states, one of the first topics of conversation was the quality and cost of the local cannabis.

Whenever someone would move to my area from another state, I would always pester them for details. I would belabor the point that I didn’t want to hear any home town hype, that I wanted an objective assessment of how their cannabis compared to Oregon. For the most part I found that Oregon did quite well in those comparisons, and as I have traveled to a decent amount of states in America, I I feel confident that we have some of not only the best cannabis around, but for a good price too.

I know that I am not alone in my fascination with the state by state cannabis deals. I spend many days looking on forums, Reddit subgroups, and on social media platforms looking at what prices people are paying. It’s one of the most talked about things in the cannabis world. I find that type of web chatter is more insightful for gauging a state’s cannabis scene than looking at databases. Databases (entirely my opinion) seem to be skewed higher than they really are. I don’t know if the databases are not disregarding clear anomalies, because there’s always some person out there putting up crazy numbers just to false brag.

Dispensaries are making it a lot better because they are creating a measuring stick of sorts. Back in the day you just had to rely on a friend telling you ‘how big the fish was’ and you were always left wondering if their tall tale was real or not. Dispensaries now have online menus and social media pages with prices and pictures.I can now look at deals across the country and see how they compare to Oregon. The cheapest deal for clean, decent cannabis that I have found is at this link here. Perhaps it will change over time, but as of this posting they have grams for $3.75. As far as I know that includes tax. That’s an eighth for less than $15, and it’s been lab tested and perfectly legal to anyone over the age of 21. To be clear, I don’t have any affiliation with the linked to dispensary, but I have consumed the $3.75 gram and it was some decent stuff. I have heard of dispensary ounces being as low as $79 in Oregon, but I admittedly don’t have a link to an example.

How much does cannabis cost where you live, and what is the quality level? Some parts of America are still picking seeds out of bricks, while some states have regulated dispensaries. If you live in a state that has prohibition, do your part and fight for reform so that you can enjoy the freedoms that people in legal states do. No state left behind! Sound off in the comments. I look forward to reading them!

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