In the NFL It’s Still Safer To Hit Mary Than Mary Jane


It wasn’t that long ago that the NFL decided to crack down on domestic violence in its organization, pretty shitty for something that almost has a hundred-year history. So it’s no surprise that they sided with CBS not airing a pro-marijuana commercial. A commercial that doesn’t push a product but a conversation, how scary is that? If the product were viagra, something to treat heart disease that comes with a disclaimer of death, or alcohol CBS would not have an issue of airing an ad but what can I expect from an organization that penalizes a quarterback for cheating, not banishing.

Hit Mary, Not Mary Jane

Marijuana and Football stay Stigmatized. CBS just denied a marijuana-related ad during the Super Bowl, and no one is surprised that they choose Bud Light over lighting bud. How many times in the same year a player was prosecuted for their cannabis use but not domestic violence? Check out the video yourself and decide if the CBS had something to fear, I think you’ll walk away feeling not.

The NFL is significant when it comes to American culture. When I hear the term “Culture,” especially in hip-hop terms, I know they mean the suppressed minority, but I feel we’re all on this sinking ship together, so the culture is everyone, everyone who can vote and make a difference.

We live in constant hypocrisy and it’s up to us to do something. I know there will never be an NFL boycott, but I just wish something affected this large organization enough that they know we the people are dying and they are part of that problem. The legalization of marijuana is up there with Colin Kaepernick taking a knee for social justice. There can be no real justice reform or social justice without cannabis legalization, and by CBS and the NFL denying this ad, they are denying us real change.

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