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The Road To Oklahoma Hempfest has started, citing the beginning of the end of to prohibition in the midwest and soon to an America near you. Weed News along with Blazing Washington had the honor of attending the first peaceful smoke-in of many to come in Oklahoma. It was a successful event with people from a recreationally legal to consume State giving advice to what Grandma Cat Jeter put “the razor edge of a budding industry.”

Grandma Cat Jeter

Oklahoma’s cannabis scene is where Washington State was in 1998 when medical started, and it was beautiful. The beginning of markets, dispensaries, and cannabis events. An industry started by outlaw farmers with passion. What we saw in Oklahoma was an auditorium filled with attendees clinging to the words of those who have been there and done that.

Scott Mckinley, a local boy from Oklahoma City, was inspired to make this event happen even before SQ788 passed. Along with Hempfest, Scott has brought his Hi-Tunes brand CBD sticks to Oklahoma, both have been a success thanks to the citizens of Oklahoma. Oklahoma’s legalization has an advantage over what was Washington’s origin for its cannabis culture, and that’s all the CBD shops that have grown like GNC shops around Oklahoma. All over the state of Oklahoma young and old are identifying with treating your body holistically with just one component of cannabis.

CBD Shop In Shopping Mall CBD Shop 1 mile from hotel

The Event

There was both education and entertainment amongst the networking for Oklahoma’s budding cannabis industry. One conversation I had involved a briefcase full of money and an inquiry into seeds. A wide range of native Oklahomans and people from out of State chasing a sea of green dreams.

One of the most significant things about cannabis legalization (medical or recreational) is the opportunity it holds for all Americans; black, white, brown, yellow, red, and everything in between. The plant and quality cannabis business don’t care about sex (unless you’re talking about the plant), sexuality, criminal history, or any other hangup you have on getting a job, all you need is a seed and time.

While eating at Waffle House I had a chance to talk to locals, one gets the need for financial change in Oklahoma, and I believe cannabis can do this. It was awesome to see the black and Native community come out. Disadvantaged communities and Oklahomans who I suspect were ranchers because they wore cowboy hats, but all came out to be Oklahoma’s future cannabis industry, agriculture people looking for the next investment.

The event took over the Sheraton in Midwest City with zero incidents except for the setting off of the hotel fire alarm due to OG Kokane and his crew hotboxing his room.

The two-story convention center was filled with speeches, music, and local vendors from 9 am to 11 pm. Lectures and speeches from Washington States Cannabis Activist and local politicians were from 9 am to 4 pm. Masterfully hosted by David Rheins of MJBA, a man of passion, the education section is known as the Hemposium. David took time on his Cannafest Destiny Tour sponsored by Curve Papers, to be a part of American history while creating his own.

Vivian McPeak (left) and David Rheins talking about the future of cannabis in America
Vivian McPeak (left) and David Rheins talking about the future of cannabis in America
Miggy420 (left), Patrick Seifert (center) of 22TooMany, and David Rheins (right) of MJBA
Photo Courtesy of Blazing Washington

After the education and testimonials came the entertainment. There were two stages, one rock the other hip-hop, it was amazing to see the Oklahoma City scene come to life. People of all shapes and sizes filtered in an out. Both stages were a hit, reinforcing that Oklahomans are diverse and part of the 21st century.

Sharon Whitson Talking About Jimmy Romans
Sharon Whitson Talking About Jimmy Romans
Tim-Me of The Cannabis Saves Lives Tour
Tim-Me of The Cannabis Saves Lives Tour


Oklahoma City is pretty much what I imagined, American flags and blue sky everywhere but the people aren’t. I was expecting ignorance and hate but instead was met with curiosity and friendship.

Before leaving Seattle for Oklahoma City, many people warned me to be careful since weed is still not legal there. But after meeting locals, I realize the fear and ignorance I have is not based off the citizen but by the ignorant policymakers like that of the Department of Health, not looking out for the greater good but, the greater dollar.

Oklahomans are proud Americans and now it has become another beacon of light for common sense in the heart of America. A farming culture that comes from hardy people but what I saw also was hearty people.

The overall message from the legal State speakers was to be involved. Be involved in the policy structure and consumer demands. Be involved in the regulation, as a constituent and businessperson, it’s your right. Be involved or other people (potentially out of state and country money) will. Good luck Oklahoma and I hope to revisit you for another successful peaceful event.

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