Hi-Tunes: Where Bands And Fans Meet For A Smoke


The future is now. Before cell phones and the internet, there were flyers and payphones, the Hi-Tunes after party invitation at Cannacon reminded me of finding a rave in the 90’s. I was handed a pre-roll with a QR code. Once scanned the pre-roll took me to a website to register for a private event on the 39th floor,  which is the highest balcony, in Downtown Seattle.

Hi-Tunes provides a direct connection from fan to artist, pre-rolls with a QR code that gives you a free song to download. A great way to support your favourite artist and discover new ones at the cost of a joint.

I reached out to Scott McKinney, the founder and head of A&R for a quote and he had this to say “Music used to sell sheet music, then records and record players, tapes and tape players, CDs and cd players, Mp3 players. Now there is nothing for music to sell. We intend to change that.”

You can find Hi-Tunes in any Have A Heart and many other pot shops across Washington State and soon across the country. I leave you with a Hi-Tunes promotional video and the recent collab with High Times. 


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