Hi-Tunes Interactive (HTI) 1 Gram Dab Launch Party

Hi-Tunes Interactive

In the name of science, I did a gram dab and then some. I coughed, choked, and gagged; what I didn’t do was die.

Hi-Tunes Interactive (HTI) held a launch party with a 1 gram dab challenge for the opening of their event studio space. A safe place to host cannabis events to increase branding or to hold a celebration. With a green room, programmers, editors lounge space, ample parking, and soon to be podcast room, HTI is open for business.

The 1 Gram Dab Challenge

For the premiere of HTI’s Studios, Scott McKinley invited cannabis influencers from across the State for a one gram challenge, something excessive but yet, won’t kill you. I went in the name of science, to prove once again, cannabis is less harmful than aspirin and can’t kill you.

In general, a gram of concentrate will last a sick person a day and for those who choose to consume recreationally, four days to 4 weeks. Consumption of one gram is both excessive wasteful, but it’s the point in our present-day idiocracy. People need to understand that consumption of excess cannabis in one sitting leads to Doritos and naps, not kidney failure or death, as noted by many FDA approved medications.

What I consumed in one video is someone’s medicine, someone’s safer choice for recreational consumption, a point that needs to be driven out there. I did not die after consuming almost 2 grams of concentrates plus my daily morning bowl of flower.

The rigs were provided by Washington State’s Dab Doctor, and the concentrates were provided by Mammoth Labs. The concentrate was a smooth hitting Wedding Cake with terpy flavors. Mammoth Labs process uses a proprietary filtration system that allows them to have higher test standards than those required by the State.

I say I almost did 2 grams because I took two video takes. I was the first up to bat and had to figure out the right combination of dropping a gram in the rig and right carb cap, there were several options that I didn’t know about since I’m mostly a flower child.

Once the combination and technique were figured out, it was time to pass the proverbial torch for time sake. In the end, I was able to take a second one, for better presentation, the one you saw. I was able to keep most of my composure until the end, where we gave our shoutouts. I devoted mine to Freedom Grow, Seattle Hempfest, and your beloved weednews.co.

VR to Augmented Reality

HTI continues to be ahead of the game when it comes to interaction with your tech-savvy cannabis consumer. Besides the green room, HTI offers VR and augmented reality capabilities with its team of programmers. Since Google announced the enabling of augmented realities in its search engine. HTI has launched at the right time. Recently they signed a deal with Redman to show the world what they can do. See the below video.

Download the Redman App, Available on Google Playstore and Apple.

If you’re looking to take your cannabis brand to 2020 then hit up the HTI team and be a part of the Dab Roast.

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