Herb Is The Healing of the Nation, Prohibition Is The Destruction

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We have a national crisis, it’s not the opioid, mental health, or homeless ones but it in a way is. It’s the fucking with Americans who choose to treat themselves holistically and want to enable other consenting adults who do too. There have been more deaths as a result of the drug war than prevented. Treatments are the cure to end the opioid crisis, mental health not prisons.

The Good ole’ boys of America are tired of the social warrior talk, just as I’m tired of Trump tweets but one thing we can both can agree on is people don’t belong behind bars for a plant. We are all equally fucked. Tides are turning but not fast enough as men grow old to die behind bars and lives are ruined by the law, not the drugs. 

Daily the list grows of the drug war victims grows, one such family lives in Independence, Iowa or known to some as 1930 America. A couple is now facing charges of child endangerment because they used nature’s gift for holistic purposes. As an American, I don’t have to know David and Carrie Stick to say are only guilty of following their god given right of self-treatment and sharing their knowledge with others. Besides the irrational raid on someone’s home, let’s talk about how senior citizens can be kicked out of their home.

In Niagra Falls, N.Y an elderly man remains homeless over his choice of self-medication, how is this even right or just? Or how about the husband of an Army Veteran who is being deported due to past cannabis even though he is a green card holder in the State of New Jersey.

Green Card Holder and Husband of U.S. Veterans at risk of Deportation

ICE continued attacks on our Community has devastated one of our own, the Foster Family. One week after ICE’s threat on our community, Dane Foster was detained outside of his home while together with his family, his wife Alexsa and their children. Dane has been long standing member of the community and a permanent resident in New Jersey since he received his green card in 1997. Those that know Dane know that he is an active member of his church, where he plays the drums every Sunday service. Dane is not only a loved member of the family but a provider for his family. Mr. Foster and his wife run a lawn family business. Currently, Dane Foster is being detained in the Essex County Jail and he currently does not have any active warrants or any pending unresolved charges. His wife is a VA Disabled Veteran and unable to work at this time or provide for his family. Now is the time we must demonstrate our commitment to the fair treatment of immigrant from our community. Now is the time we as Faith Leaders must stand up against ICE’s cruel attacks on hard working Fathers and Families. Now is the time we must show up, be active, and make our voice heard!To stand in solidarity with Dane Foster and in response to ICE’s hate fueled attacks, we are organizing an Emergency Vigil outside of Essex County Detention Facility. When: Thursday December 13th, 2018 Time: 6:00pmWhere: Essex County Detention Center (354 Doremus Ave, Newark, NJ 07105)Video Credit. R. Evolution Productions

Posted by Faith in New Jersey on Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Our country is in a state of disarray, not because of the marijuana epidemic but because of the drug war epidemic. Even in death, the drug war makes victims as in the case of Sandra Bland who was pulled over for a traffic infraction but died while in custody. Marijuana did not kill Sandra Bland, bad policing did.

How many victims? How many more deaths? How many more dollars will be spent to control the population? We are in dire times still every day there’s another victim. The incidents listed aren’t in the span of a year but a week. Unfortunately, there has been and will be many more weeks like this until America can get it’s shit together.

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