Hemp Product Review: Q Topical Cream

q topical cream

It’s the end of Fall, and Winter is rapidly approaching. If you are like me that means that your skin is dry from the cold temperatures and wind, and is in desperate need of some topical assistance.

I don’t live in the coldest or windiest place on the planet, but it’s enough to make life miserable at times, and I battle dry skin every year around this time. I have tried a number of lotions over the years, some infused with hemp and others without.

My preference is for hemp lotions over non-hemp lotions, but that’s not to say that all hemp lotions are created equal because they certainly are not. Some lotions have a particular smell that I don’t like, and/or are extra greasy or thick, and/or don’t absorb well.

It’s pretty obvious that some companies are just taking inferior lotion, infusing it with hemp in some way, and then jack up the price. Those types of lotions rely entirely on the novelty of the idea of a hemp lotion and not at all on the quality of the product.

I was gifted a hemp-infused lotion recently that is the best that I have ever tried, so much so that I felt compelled to write an article about it. For the record, the lotion was gifted to me (this is not a paid article!) and I am writing this article based on my opinion and experience alone.

Q Topical Cream is awesome. I have used it for a couple of weeks now and it works extremely well. The lotion has a pleasant smell and absorbs really quickly. It doesn’t leave any greasy feeling and tames the dry skin almost instantly.

In looking at the company’s website, the lotion incorporates a ‘proprietary fast-absorption technology’ and that definitely shows during use. The lotion is comprised of plant-based ingredients, including hemp, and is gluten-free and paraben-free.

You can order the lotion from anywhere in the U.S., and it would make a stellar gift if you are still looking for holiday present ideas. A number of outlets have included the lotion in holiday gift guides, including The Fresh Toast and Forbes.

I would absolutely recommend this lotion to Weed News readers. You can find out more about the lotion and other products at the company’s website.

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