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I was asked to pass along the following message. It’s a truly heartbreaking situation. Please share, and help if you are able. This message originally appeared on Facebook:

By Bleeding Kansas Advocates

I have said good-bye to dear friends during this war on patients. I made a promise to our dear, friend Mary on her deathbed, that I would not stop this fight until Kansas recognized the human right of patients to be #FreeToHeal. We have lost children and adults during this fight. It never gets easier. In fact, it gets worse. I do not want to do it again.

I had a video call with Shona Banda last night. She has been in the hospital for a week now in Colorado, and is facing a 13 hour surgery. It will be her third of this particular type of surgery. Shona is very weak. She is suffering. She is terrified. Her every thought is about the horrible, ‘What if?’ and her children’s future. In tears she said this to me, ” I know you are a good mama. Please, if something happens, ask the community to lift my children high, protect them, and help them.”

My mommy heart broke. Emotionally, spiritually, I was immediately right where she is, and I felt I had failed her, and her children. I know Kansas has failed her. I know prohibition has failed an innumerable amount of precious lives. I have had other precious patients, facing the possibility of their deaths, make me promise that we would tell their story, that we would tell the world that Kansas killed them; prohibition, stigma, and lies had killed them. I cannot explain how this feels. She thanked me for all I have done to try to help, but all I could hear were the words, “We can’t lose another. What more could I have done?”

She is not giving up. She is not by any means through fighting. She is simply in a place where reality, and hope battle it out. It’s an overwhelming, and isolated place.

There is hope legally. I have the opportunity to bring in Michael Minardi, hot off his two medical necessity wins in Florida, to help Shona, and one other Kansas cancer patient. We could save their lives, and send a clear, and reverberating message to, not only those in power in Kansas, but our country, that we will no longer tolerate the persecution of patients who choose to heal with a plant.

I am working desperately to get the attention of the cannabis big boys, both in media and the industry. I cannot do this without their funding, and help. Dr. Bob Melamede has a new 501(c)3 where he is gathering funds for patient defense, and his first case is Shona’s case. I am trying to get the word out to everyone in our community. I would appreciate any help. STAND WITH SHONA! Preliminary Hearing Set In Shona Banda Medical Marijuana Case. A preliminary hearing has been set in the case of Shona Banda, the local medicinal marijuana advocate who faces multiple drug…

You can send flowers, cards, letters to Shona at :

Attn: Shona Banda
Boulder Community Hospital 4747 Arapaho Boulder, CO 80303

Her Daubert hearing on medical need is supposed to start Nov. 1rst. To track her progress-…

Please share. Please email this link. Please tweet this link. Please call those who you know will care, and can help. Thank you!

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