Help Push N.Y.’s Medical Cannabis For PTSD Bill Over The Finish Line

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If you live in New York State, please see the action alert I received below, and get active:

A bipartisan bill to add post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a qualifying condition for New York’s medical marijuana program has been awaiting action from Gov. Andrew Cuomo since it overwhelmingly passed the legislature in late spring.

Please call Gov. Cuomo today at (518) 474-8390. Let him know veterans and others who have suffered trauma are counting on him to finally grant them access to a medicine that can help.

The Assembly approved A 7006 in an overwhelming 131-8 vote in May, while the Senate’s bill passed in a landslide 50-13 vote in June. New York stands nearly alone in excluding PTSD sufferers from its medical marijuana program. If the PTSD bill were signed, New York would become the 28th state — out of 29 medical cannabis states — to allow medical marijuana to be used to treat PTSD.

The New York State Council of Veterans Organizations endorsed the bill. Legislative Director Bob Becker explained, “PTSD is a serious problem facing New York’s veterans.”

As the son of a veteran, I was raised to treat the men and women who have faithfully served our country with the utmost respect. The PTSD bill delivers necessary medical aid.

I urge all of our supporters and those who support our veterans to call Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office at (518) 474-8390 and ask him to sign the bill. Then, spread this to other compassionate New Yorkers.

With Veterans Day just two days away, let’s work together to give relief to those who suffer from PTSD.

Thank you,

Landon Dais
Political Director
Marijuana Policy Project of New York

Johnny Green
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