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It is my honor and pleasure to once again join forces with my friends and so many wonderful long time marijuana activist/ advocates. What was started as a small blog with 2 passionate advocates has turned into a well tuned machine that makes a difference like when they fight against reefer madness politicians. If it wasn’t for Jay and Johnny Green and the previous website they created, I would have never been involved with The Human Solution, Voices Of The Cannabis War, Freedom Grow, The Can-Do Clemency project or help start the story of Lance Gloor through Toke Signals, we as a group have made a difference in people’s lives, people of pot


Marijuana is not the drug you were taught in High School and this is something we can all unanimously agree upon, that and what is good weed. The legalization process and the means on how to get there is a different story but that seems to be an on going saga in any cause.

We are here because we believe in the goodness of a plant and the wrongness of a law, we are here because there are the sick being healed (young and old) while being told there is no medicinal value. We are here because children are used as pawns in the judicial game of chess as informants and because families are destroyed not by the use of the plant but the law committed to it.

Marijuana has only recently becoming a mainstream topic and I give my friends credit for helping propagate that. Before what my friends created the largest and oldest media outlet strictly related to marijuana was High Times. I hope Weednews.co becomes your new go to for topical marijuana stories, entertainment, and activist alerts, for we are legion, we are many.

I am looking forward to sharing future marijuana related news and opinions with you the reader. My name is Miguel but I write as Miggy420.


Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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My name is Miguel but I go by Miggy420 on the interwebs. My mission is to end prohibition through education, entertainment, and spreading awareness of those facing injustice, we are stronger as a whole when we're all informed.I don't have a degree but my resume includes 8 years of blogging, 10 years in the military, and presently working in the tech industry.