Heir Waterpipe – The Cadillac Of Bongs (Review)

I have consumed cannabis out of a lot of devices over the years, especially bongs (often referred to as water pipes). Tall bongs and small bongs, glass bongs and bongs made out of other materials. It is rare for a bong to provide perfect hits time after time. I tried a bong recently that provided the best hits I have ever experienced.

The Heir Waterpipe was recently gifted to me by a family member. I knew right when I opened the box that it was going to be awesome. I really like the modern, minimal look of the product, reminding me more of a luxury sports car than a psychedelic trip like some glass I’ve owned before. Heir’s commitment to innovating a simpler smoking experience was truly apparent from my first session, with loads of consideration for ease of use built in. From the first steps of loading ice and water, I liked that I could just unscrew the glass chamber and fill water and ice like a cup. I love how extremely easy to clean this removable glass chamber is as well.

The bowl, often the most broken piece of a bong, is made from Stainless Steel. The glass is 7mm thick, which is obviously not indestructible because it’s still glass, but still very durable as far as glass goes. The ability to completely disassemble the product is a huge advantage, considering any damage to a single part of a traditional bong renders it broken. Heir offers great customer service and replacements at minimal cost should the need arise, but the build quality of the pipe felt so impressively solid in hand that I don’t imagine needing it.

And the hit, of course was the all important indicator that this is a next level smoking device. The extended downstem cools in such a way that it is blissfully smooth to smoke, especially when ice is part of the equation. I expected the pipe to rumble when I first hit because of its size. That was not the case, just efficient and powerful percolation hit after hit.

Right now Heir is offering a really cool Smoke Tool for free with Heir Waterpipe. It’s a perfect utensil for scooping out cashed bowls, and also designed in such a way you can create pre-roll cones by wrapping papers around the conical shape.

I absolutely recommend that Weed News readers check out Heir Waterpipe. If you want to get the most out of your cannabis flower, get the best hits possible, and own a device that is extremely easy to clean, get yours at smokeheir.com. A limited Gold Edition is currently available that sets the deluxe bar even higher for this product.

heir waterpipe

heir waterpipe

heir waterpipe

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