Haystack Caps and The Cannabis Saves Lives Tour

During Seattle Hempfest, I promoted for Haystack CBD. They carry CBD capsules cartridges tinctures and CBD for pets. Owner Jeffray Lewis has a compelling testimony of his struggle with addiction and his path that led him to CBD in the formation of his company.

Jeffray Before and After

Company Facebook post “Hello, My name is Jeffray, CEO, and founder of Haystack. I found this helped a lot of people, so I’m reposting it. Before (on the left) and After (on the right) I discovered CBD! The before; due to my numerous car wrecks and whatever else I did, especially abusing alcohol, cocaine, and other opiates I was well over 300 lbs and broke down. Even after being sober since 1993 and free from opiate addiction after being hit by a cab driver eight years prior. I could barely walk 2 miles with a back brace, I was in constant pain and thought that was how I was going to spend the rest of my life. After I discovered CBD, I lost 50 lbs in year 1 and 30 in 2 years. Once I started taking the CBD my pain and inflammation disappeared, I no longer stuffed my face, it lifted a depression that I was unaware of, it gave me focus and a passion for helping others. Then Haystack was born, and now you know why I have a passion for CBD!”

They have a variety of flavors like Strawberry lemonade, gorilla glue, granddaddy purple, and grape. As a sponsor, they have provided me with cartridges, some I’ve used to help alleviate personal pain, and some I’ve given away to others in need. Clay is one such guy.

The conversation I had with Clay started when I noticed that the dog he was walking had shoes on his feet to protect its paws from the hot concrete. While talking with him, he told me some of his personal story which included his struggles with addiction. He expressed that he believes cannabis saves lives and he liked CBD cartridges. I just so happen to have some on me. So I gave him a handful.

He was immediately grateful, especially after taking his first dose right there which helped calm his pain. This is just another example of how CBD can help you. If you find yourself in Oregon or Washington State, I recommend looking for Haystack cartridges to help alleviate what ails you.

The Cannabis Saves Lives Tour

Haystack Caps is a proud sponsor of the Cannabis Saves Lives Tour as patient advocates and musicians travel to Oklahoma Hempfest from Seattle, Wa. with stops along the way to promote the wellness of cannabis while entertaining with a range from hip-hop to melodic rock.

Cannabis Saves Lives And Haystack CBD

By Timothy Edwards, patient advocate, musician, and founder of The Cannabis Saves Lives Tour

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