Happy 4/20 From Weed News!

420 april 20
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Today marks my 24th April 20th as a cannabis consumer, and my 20th as a cannabis activist. My first entry into the cannabis activism world was a rally/protest on the Oregon capital steps, and my support and passion for activism has remained ever since. This is my eighth 4/20 as a cannabis blogger.

My how things have changed over the years. Back in the late 90’s I was worried about being arrested at any time for cannabis. Now I can travel all over the West Coast and possess and consume marijuana without fear. It’s truly an amazing time to be alive if you live in a legal state.

But, keep in mind while you are celebrating today that there are still a lot of people sitting behind bars for marijuana. Patients are still going without medicine in a lot of states in America, and while marijuana is legal in many states in America, so many other states still have prohibition on the books.

Do your part and continue to fight to free the plant wherever prohibition exists. Happy Jack Herer Day my friends, enjoy your 4/20!

Johnny Green
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Johnny Green is a cannabis activist from Oregon. Johnny has a bachelor's degree in public policy, and believes that the message should always be more important than the messenger. #LegalizeIt #FreeThePlant