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When I think of activism, I think of everyone from the people willing to share their stories on stage, people writing their legislature, and people writing on behalf of someone in prison or facing time. I think of the individual protest by soccer moms and dads who quietly smoke at night but can’t say anything during the day out of fear of being looked down upon.

I use to think that all protests were important, all civil disobedience is created equal, but this is not the case, we need you soccer moms and dads, we need you to do something, any fucking thing.

We need you, the person that lights up only on the weekend. We need you, person, new to the cannabis industry because of hemp. We need you, the new person wanting to be an influencer who sells CBD anything. What if I told you people are serving de facto death sentences for pot and you can help the ones serving time while preventing it for future others, like yourself.

Change the conversation, have the outrage, let the world know how you feel. Can’t speak up in public? Well, you can help those organizations that do, let me point you in that direction. For one, you can write a prisoner. Need help finding one? Check out these sites, POW420, The Human Solution InternationalFreedom Grow, and Parents4Pot. These sites hold information on how and who to contact because you’re looking to support a pot prisoner, not Jeffrey Dahmer.

Men are slowly dying behind bars from old age and inadequate healthcare, the war on drugs has hurt America more than its helped. The recent justice reform is nice but not enough. Criminal Justice Reform means legalizing marijuana. I wish I didn’t have to elaborate on the why full legalization is real reform, but men are slowly dying behind bars which means America slowly dies as well. We live in a toxic environment where real crimes occur every day, crimes against the citizen by the system that suppose to protect, where criminal indicators include having out of state plates and being too dark to drive.

Criminal justice reform means the legalization of marijuana, pure and simple. Would you walk past rape or blatant racism? Because that’s what we do each day as these men, these victims of circumstance, criminals with no victims sit behind bars.

Check out the most recent John Stossel report on cannabis legalization and listen to his interview with reefer madness zealot and failed politician Paul Chabot who says in regards to prohibition “Just because something doesn’t work, doesn’t mean we end it,” are you fucking kidding me, Paul. Yes, it does, that is how progress happens, we stop doing the things that fail.

Prohibition has drawn a line between the law and the lawless, a line between its citizens. It has allowed for the abuse of power. Making women sexual victims for a plant used to treat many ailments which now she will have to add PTSD to the mix.

Woman raped over marijuana

The overall ability for someone who has peaked in eighth grade or possibly high school under those Friday night lights to fuck with my life and anyone else’s bothers me and it should you unless you’re one of the unambitious. Look there is a need for police, but in America, we’ve set the bar low by giving the ability to ruin another life for a crime without a victim. Check out these fine moments of policing in America.

Cop threatens Uber driver with drug dogs

Dude keeps calm when police harass him over some supposed pot

NYPD planting pot

Here’s the thing, we know reefer madness doesn’t work. We know police can be good and decent people, the people we want to turn to in a time of need, the people our children go to when in trouble, I know this because I live in Seattle. Check out these other fine moments of police brotality.

Seattle Cop says “Put that away, its only weed”

Seattle Cops playing hacky sack at Hempfest, listen to the speech against the war on drugs in the background

Write It Down

Something I found that has helped change the conversation is to write. Write to a prisoner, a Governor, a judge, anyone involved in the atrocities of the war on us.

On the daily I’m just trying to keep my shit together, as a husband, a father, a Technician, an employee, an average citizen just trying to stay out of trouble and live in my safe space, as an American. Being an American citizen gives you power, power in structuring the world around you, inalienable rights and the right to happiness type shit, as long as it does no other harm to others. Your voice and actions as a citizen are the greatest tools against the war on drugs. If you can’t attend a march or smoke-in; do something like donate to the orgs on the frontlines or write a letter.

When writing in support for victims of prohibition, think of your audience. Cannabis activism is reaching out to the humanity in your fellow human while standing up to the man.

I’ve used my position and title when pleading to a judge or attorney when pleading for someone else’s life. I used my civilian position as an American to prove my worth in this society because I feel like this is a daily rape in America.

Write something because you matter, your voice matters, it has an impact. I use to write a lot more than I do now, but I think it’s something important that we can do that has an effect when more than one citizen does it. It’s your fundamental right, your duty as an American to speak up.

What Do You Say?

Each case and instance is different but this is my plea to my countrymen and those who identify as god damn red, white, and blue American.

Dear America;

You as an American inherently have the right to speak up for others. Would you walk past a rape? Would you not intervene and try to save the person being savaged? By not speaking up against the war on us, that is what happens daily, each day men and women, fellow citizens are being violated by bad American policy.

You know who I am not because I’m a player in the billion dollar industry, but because I majorly give a fuck about my country and the state of disarray it’s in brought to you by ignorance, greed, and people with names like Nixon, Hearst, and Anslinger.

Write A Prisoner

This one is the hardest for me. I’m bad enough keeping in touch with family, and I feel bad when I reach out then drop off cause I know you’re just sitting behind bars with no other options.

There’s also, what do you say to a person locked up for something now a billion dollar tax generating industry? I think the one thing I’ve learned doing this is; there’s nothing to say, listen. Some people lose everything, including loved ones when sent behind bars, all people need to feel human.

Letters To Judges and Lawyers

As an American citizen, you have the right to pen, paper, and stamp (or email), just like voting and a driver’s license is.

Any just pot case is a bad case; this is the credo you need to inherit. Is that person a father, mother, brother, sister, regardless they’re Americans being prosecuted by America, this is not American justice.

At one time I was going to work on a blanket letter for all the cannabis cases but doing that I think undermines the importance of how each arrest is a unique American.

Letters To Government Officials

As someone who has been following marijuana policies and atrocities for the past 20 years I am desensitized to what our supposed leaders do, especially since none have made gestures that would do more for the greater good, instead we are changing America State by State, not the stroke of one pen but many.

The following are some examples of letters I’ve recently sent.

Dear President Trump;

My name is Miguel; I’m a concerned citizen and Navy veteran. I’m writing to you in regards to Lance Gloor, an American citizen serving time for what in 50 years will be the equivalent of sitting in the front of the bus.

As a cannabis activist, I was there from the beginning for Lance’s trial. I was ready to step out if there was any evidence of ill character and there was none. Lance is guilty of being a successful businessman, the same guilt that so many in the cannabis industry have faced.

What was presented by the Federal courts was Lance is a father, a son, and friend to many who stood up for a cause but then thrown into a kangaroo court based off of prejudice against a plant or the state law at the time which was recreational consumption is allowed.

What I witnessed of Lance’s character is he was a single father taking care of his family while enjoying life as Americans are meant to be, free. The support that showed up for Lance proved he was more an asset to the community than a detriment. While running his business, it was shown during the trial that Lance would do things like a winter coat and food drives for the deprivileged.

I respectfully ask for the release of Lance Gloor as soon as possible. Lance’s daughter is presently in college, he already missed one graduation and major dance, he doesn’t deserve to miss anymore, and neither does she.

Thank You for your time.



Concerned Citizen and U.S Navy Vet

Letter to the Governor of Oklahoma before she leaves office

To: The Honorable Mary Fallin

Governor of Oklahoma

I’m writing to you as a concerned American citizen trying to appeal to your sense of reason. Your record alone proves your duty to the people and desire for real criminal justice.

I’m writing you in regards to Thomas Landreth, a three-time loser serving a de facto life sentence for something now legal in your State for medical use and in 10 States plus our Nation’s Capital for recreational use.

Thomas Landreth knows his mistakes and was trying to lead a proper life when he was last arrested for a plant that has never killed anyone opposed to alcohol.

Presently Thomas’s daughter fights for his freedom, hoping to have the father she should have had and can. Thomas’s health has been deteriorating since his incarceration and the family is hoping to have at least one year with each other.

I am writing to you in hopes you can do one last goodwill gesture to Oklahomans before you leave office, thank you for your time.



U.S Navy Veteran And Concerned Citizen

Join The Fight

If you represent legalization in your state, reach out and let us know who you are. The end game is to stop the senseless incarcerations and abuses of power while correcting past wrongs. I want to hug the police, not fuck them.

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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