GreenSpace Labs Partners With 4-Time NBA Champion John Salley

John Salley

GreenSpace Labs, the only cannabis testing company currently able to detect pesticides, heavy metals and bacteria, has partnered with 4-time NBA champion, actor, talk show host, entrepreneur and devoted cannabis reform advocate, John Salley, to launch their mobile pesticide screening device, the GreenLite Screener. Mr. Salley has taken an ownership position in the company with the added goal of helping to educate the cannabis community on the need to strengthen testing standards to ensure safe consumption.

The technology behind the company’s product was originally developed for the U.S. military to test for nerve agents and toxic metals to keep soldiers safe. The GreenLite has been repurposed to detect pesticides and toxic metals in cannabis from the field, for extraction companies, and for independent testing laboratories.

Salley, an advocate for general health and wellness and practitioner of a vegan and organic lifestyle, exemplifies Greenspace’s approach to cannabis testing. “John has been an outspoken advocate for clean and healthy living and the safe consumption of medical cannabis is a part of that for him,” said Dave Charnick, subject matter expert at GreenSpace Labs. “We are committed to bringing fast and easy-to-use pharmaceutical testing standards to this industry so that only the safest and highest quality cannabis strains are reaching the consumer. That resonated with John and we are thrilled to have his energy and passion on our team as we look to raise the bar on cannabis testing.”

Founded in 2017, GreenSpace Labs is a biotechnology company committed to providing testing services, laboratory supplies, genomic profiling and electronic medical record compliance software for cannabis patients and growers. In order to meet the highest clinical laboratory standards currently not being utilized in existing medicinal cannabis markets, the company will apply cutting edge life science techniques to enhance quality and safety standards that are not currently present due to the absence of federal regulations.

Source: PR Newswire

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