Grasshopper Hub: Where Supply and Demand Meet

business to business

I get hit up a lot with “Do you know someone who?”. Do you know someone who is looking to buy flower for concentrates? Do you know any processors or stores looking to buy quality flower? My short answer is kinda sorta.

I know lots of people who meet these requirements but these are business transactions, and to the dismay of many, I am not in the cannabiz. I’ve done the handshake with a prize inside or have waited in shady parking lots but its no longer like that.

It’s not a drug deal; it’s a business transaction like selling apples. So, how does one unload 100 plus pounds of cannabis they grew in a legal cannabis market? Let me introduce you to my friends at Grasshopper Hub, a b2b format site.

Programs like Grasshopper Hub help keep the producer, processor, and storefront regulatory compliant while meeting the necessities of customer needs. Grasshopper Hub puts everyone on a bargaining platform and produces analytics for you to make future informed purchases.

If you’re in the Washington State I502 cannabis business, I recommend joining a purchasing platform; this will ease the stress of you letting the world know that you have product for sale other than a Facebook post that can lead to trouble.

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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