Game of Thrones’ Stars Dress Up as Hash Brownies for Halloween

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the biggest shows on TV right now with a rabid following. Many fans write and research epic theories about the show’s characters and even listen to podcasts that recap the shows and speculate on all of the theories (I’m guilty, I listen to three podcasts about the show). If any Games of Thrones fans wondered if Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, the great young actors playing the Stark Sisters, favored cannabis legalization, it looks like they got an answer thanks to Williams’ Instagram feed featuring the TV stars as “Hash Brownies” for Halloween:

maisie_williams🍀everyone loves a hash brownie🍀

It is rewarding to learn that your favorite celebrities are cool in real life. Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner have always come across as nice, down-to-earth young ladies that haven’t become divas. If their Halloween costumes are any indication, it certainly looks like the Stark girls know how to have a good time using a nontoxic herbal remedy that is certainly safer than alcohol. (Every day after Halloween, my birthday by the way, I think that I’m gonna plan ahead and design a great cannabis costume, but then I just get high instead.)

Thank you Maisie and Sophie, I’ll be rooting for (SPOILER ALERT!!! Pretty mild, but you may not want to read any further if you aren’t caught up with the Game of Thrones series) you two to make it out of the final two seasons of Game of Thrones and hope that you find the vengeance and love that your characters deserve. Arya Stark, played by Maisie Williams, has some names to mark off her list yet while Sophie Turner’s Sansa is going to have to navigate the manipulations of Littlefinger. For all of the tragedy that the Starks have faced, their anxiety and post-traumatic stress could probably use a safe herbal remedy. I wonder if the maesters have any cannabis or cannabis-like medicines on hand.


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