G Pen Nova LXE Vape Pen Review

g pen nova lxe

I was recently gifted a G Pen Nova LXE. It is an outstanding pen that I would definitely recommend to people, especially consumers like me that may demand a bit more out of their vape pens than the average consumer. My vape pen usage is frequent, especially on vacation, and many pens that I have tried over the years simply weren’t able to keep up.

The G Pen Nova LXE is working as strong today as it was when I was first gifted it months ago. Part of its durability is in its design. The battery and tank both have a firm rubbery type of outer-coating. It’s much more scratch resistant than other shinier vape pens that I have owned/used. The feel of the G pen Nova LXE reminds me of a talk soft basketball – it’s easy to grip, reducing the chances of me fumbling it while on a walk.

The color of the pen that I got is flat black, which I love. As I have told friends and family while showing it to them, the Nova LXE looks like the vape pen that Batman would use. It’s not bulky at all and looks super discrete, which helps when I need to toke ‘under the radar.’ Whoever designed this pen did an amazing job.

Arguably the most basic thing that I judge a vape pen’s quality on is how long the battery lasts. I have had pens that don’t even last a whole day before being drained, or they don’t seem to function properly unless the battery was 100% charged. The battery on the Nova LXE is probably the best that I have ever seen.

I knew when I unpackaged it and how heavy it felt that it was beefy. That’s not to say that it’s a big battery, because it’s not, but ounce for ounce I bet it’s stronger than just about any other battery on the market. The battery charges super quick too. I have not timed it to see exactly how long it takes, but I have been very surprised that whenever I put it on the charger it’s ready not too long after.

The pen has three operating temperatures and it’s really easy to switch between them. Its temperature versatility is a welcomed feature because so many of my friends and family like smaller, slower hits than I do. It’s so easy to switch between the temperatures on the Nova LXE that you can do it in between every hit in the rotation without causing any significant delays.

G Pen Nova LXE users can either hold down the button while taking a pull or they can double tap the button to keep the temperature on for longer. I like to use that mode when I am consuming with a newbie. Hitting a button while inhaling is not too tricky, but can be unfamiliar to some newbies. It’s much easier for me to initiate the extended feature and hand the pen to a newbie, and then just simply tell them to inhale.

The flavor that comes from using the tank is unbelievable. I have to assume that it’s largely due to the ceramic atomizer. A lot of pens use coils which do a great job of creating big hits, but they usually taste bad. When I pay extra for some stellar concentrates I want the flavor to be on point every single hit.

I have seen some ceramic-based pens before that produce amazing flavor, but the hits are not very big. The Nova LXE gives the best of both worlds – big hits AND tasty hits. It is also easy to clean, which helps keep the flavor factor where it needs to be.

The Nova LXE has the most effortless airflow out of any vape pen that I have ever used. So many pens require getting the exact inhalation rate right or the consumer does not get a very satisfying hit. With those types of pens, people can’t inhale too quickly or too slowly or the hit will be ‘eh.’ The Nova LXE puts all of that in the rearview mirror. Simply hit the button and inhale. That’s it. Perfect hits every time as long as there’s concentrates in the tank/cartridge.

If you want to get the most out of your concentrates, both from a flavor standpoint as well as an economic standpoint, I would recommend checking out the G Pen Nova LXE. It’s fairly priced compared to other major vape pens out there, and it absolutely dominates. As I said before, I use and abuse my vape pens and this one has easily endured that level of use on a level that no other vape pen has. Use it with confidence!

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