From Funny To Frustrating: 2018 YouTube Finds

YouTube and Weed

I would like to share with you some cannabis oriented YouTube videos from 2018, some funny, others not so much. The year started strong when a young man had to open a package in front of his mom and had to act surprised that it wasn’t a six-inch XBOX Controller. This instantly became a meme, What The Frick!?

Next, I would like you to check out this bad ass video from Russia. Polka never sounded so good as Dobranotch parades through a field of cannabis.

Keeping along the musical theme, let me introduce you to Doja Cat. She caught my attention via the video “Mooo!” but won my heart with her song So High.

Next, I would like to show you real policing. Here we have body cam footage of an officer looking for real crime when what appears to be a homeless man drops a bag of weed, and the cop says “That’s just marijuana, put that away.”

Meanwhile, in Canada, they are coming up with new ways to tell if one is high or not.

While we’re talking about policing, let’s look at a world where the drug war has taken a step back. Check out this police ridealong with Jim Jefferies in Amsterdam.

Now for the frustrating. This video has been around for four years, but I believe there’s always a sense of disbelief that people in power can be evil. Just like people are presently in denial that Trump is a good guy, so are people in denial that Nixon perpetrated one of the most heinous violations of American civil rights, but this can no longer be denied since the 2016 Harpers article featuring John Ehrlichman.

From Nixon to present day, this is what the war on drugs has brought us; fear of the police and other authoritarian figures who abuse their power, not for the greater good but for greater personal gain which usually means the dollar. Watch as this young man keeps his cool as police frantically try to bust him for being too dark to drive.

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