Fox & Friends Needs To Stay Out Of My Weed

reefer madness

In this week’s stupid ass, I present the trio known as Fox and Friends or according to Trump, real news. These three rocket scientists believe Trump is a faithful husband and that cannabis has killed. The only thing cannabis is responsible for killing is a buffet. I present the Fox and Friends reefer madness circle jerk when talking about a minor caught with packaged edibles with an intent to sell. They go on screaming on how they know THC is addictive as if they know what they’re talking about, the worse part of the rhetoric from Fox and Friends is the hypocrisy. By pleading the case to continue prohibition they believe you and I belong in jail for a plant that has never killed anyone while they tell you how to “stay warm” while it’s cold outside with alcohol, something that has actually killed.

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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