Florida’s Medical Marijuana Initiative Is Winning According To Two Recent Polls

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Florida voted on medical marijuana legalization in 2014, and the initiative was narrowly defeated on Election Day. In Florida, a medical marijuana initiative needs at least 60% of the vote in order to pass. The 2014 initiative lost by just 2 percent, even though the 58% approval would have been enough to pass the initiative in another state. Florida voters get a second chance to vote on medical marijuana in less than 6 weeks, this time on a slightly modified initiative.

Polling leading up to the 2014 vote was very strong, but fell in weeks before the vote was held. Polling this year is also strong, but unlike 2014, it appears to be holding steady. A poll conducted by the Florida Chamber of Commerce, the results of which being released earlier this week, found the following:

Amendment 2:

If the election were held today, it appears more than 70 percent of voters would support the passage of Amendment 2 which permits the use of marijuana for debilitating medical conditions.

  • Yes 73%
  • No 22%

That’s extremely encouraging. A 73% ‘yes’ voting rate on Election Day would result in a landslide victory. Another poll, the results of which were also released this week, also found strong support. The second poll was conducted by Saint Leo University found support at 68.8%. That poll is particularly eyebrow raising because it shows an increase in support from when the poll was conducted in June (65.1% support) and from August (67.8%). That indicates that awareness campaigns are working, and that some voters are likely researching the initiative for themselves, and liking what they are learning. There’s still a lot of time between now and Election Day, so anything can happen, but if advocates keep spreading the word, Florida has a great chance at finally legalizing a real medical marijuana program.

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