‘First-Of-Its-Kind’ Marijuana Study Coming To St. Francis Hospital And Medical Center

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Sadly, I know a lot of people that are addicted to painkillers. It’s not an uncommon thing these days. Chances are whoever is reading this article knows people that are battling a similar situation. There is a painkiller addiction epidemic in America right now. People incur a traumatic injury, go to their doctor for relief, and are then hooked for life. Opioid based painkillers are not as effective as marijuana based off of a number of studies and personal testimonies.

Marijuana opponents will push back and say that the studies that have been conducted so far are not as comprehensive as they need to be. Marijuana supporters agree with the need for more research, which is why we have been pushing for it for so long despite constant hurdles being put in the way by the same marijuana opponents who are calling for more research. A ‘first-of-its-kind’ study is coming to Connecticut, in which researchers will look specifically at marijuana’s ability to treat pain. Per the Hartford Courant:

A first-of-its-kind research program by a St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center team to gauge the effectiveness of medical marijuana as a painkiller for traumatic injuries such as broken ribs has been approved by the state.

Hospital and state officials said Friday the program’s goal is to develop medical marijuana as a safer alternative to the highly addictive painkillers that have led to a deadly opioid epidemic in Connecticut and across the nation.

State Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan Harris said this is the first research program of its kind in the U.S.

This has tremendous potential to do a lot of good for not just patients in the study, but for patients worldwide. This study is going to be closely watched by both opponents and supporters around the world, and favorable results are going to do a lot to push marijuana reform forward. No one should be forced to use harmful opioid painkillers if they don’t want to. If someone wants to make the safer choice they should be allowed to do so!

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