First Episode of Hollyweed By Kevin Smith Is Free

hollyweed Kevin Smith


Fuck you, Kevin Smith, actually I’m a big fan but let me explain. Generally, I’m not a fan of new entertainment websites and apps. Usually, I can’t afford them or want to give my information to it. When I first saw Kevin Smith teasing about his new project Hollyweed, I was excited and was hoping it was going to be the next Netflix special, but to my dismay, it’s on a website new to me, RivitTv.

The one thing right in this scenario is that RivitTv offers the first episode free and god damn it, its good. If you’re a fan of Kevin, the dialogue reminds me fo Dante and Randal conversing about blowjobs and other topics of concern when you work in a convenience store in Jersey.

Besides the great humor, it’s nice to see a show where the main characters aren’t pothead stereotypes like in Disjointed. I hoped that this show was to be on the new Netflix line-up, but instead for me to see more I have to hope it takes off on RivitTv then I will hand over my credit card information for this show that has the potential to be a stoner classic.

Give the free first episode a try and you decide.

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