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Prohibition is nothing more than the manipulation of citizens through fear with power; it’s not a cure or treatment but an out of date band-aid that is trying to fix broken people in a country where everything is supposedly Awesome.

Let’s not forget; there is a war out there, a war on drugs that has taken more American prisoners than any conflict with any another country. Prohibition has villainized the cannabis grower/ farmers which makes mainstream society turn their backs on them and they become forgotten. There is nothing gangster or threatening about cannabis except for the law and the treatment people face for being involved with a plant that has never killed anyone.

Freedom Grow fights prohibition with a pen pal program and by raising money for prisoner books (Because everything from emails to phone calls cost per the word/minute) and for their families (The drug war has created more single parents and children growing bitter by the government that’s supposed to protect them). According to p.o.w, activist, and friend Eugene Fischer (R.I.P) “Hope is a powerful weapon in this war on drugs.” Hope was given to him by others is what kept him going after 25 years of fighting for his release from prison for pot and hope is what Freedom Grow gives to so many. Proceeds raised by Freedom Grow are dispersed in a hierarchy of needs. First the prisoners, it’s not always money on the books, sometimes peace of mind is knowing your family’s needs are being met since you can’t be there. After the prisoners, proceeds go to groups like Parents For Pot, especially during the holidays, every kid deserves a Christmas and Birthday. Lastly, proceeds go to raising awareness for pot prisoners involved in the Can-Do Foundation. The Can-Do Foundation is a group that believes all people involved in nonviolent drug offenses deserve clemency; they have a track record of success.

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If their Past and Present Work Don’t Impress You, Then the Two Women Behind It Should.

Stephanie Landa is a two-time victim of the war on drugs while living in a now recreational legal state. Her grow was raided by the City of San Francisco, and the evidence turned over for a Federal case. In Stephanie’s case, she tried to do all the right things in light of Prop.215 by receiving permission from the city, but this wasn’t good enough for some in law enforcement. It resulted in her and her significant other, Tom Kikuchi, serving two separate five-year sentences so someone could be there to raise their son Max. Her second victimization was when her son went to prison for cannabis. Taking someone’s freedom away is one thing but taking her child away has motivated Stephanie to double down and end this ridiculous war on us.

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The other powerhouse is Dr. Dina. That’s all I should have to say but let me tell you about the woman who is board certified by the school of Snoop Dogg and was the inspiration for the hit show Weeds. Dr.Dina also a victim on the war on sanity, she’s been raided so many times she has her own process on what to do and how to act. Although she hasn’t done time behind bars, Dr. Dina has taken major financial hits each time the Federal Government decides to disrupt her business, frighten employees with guns, while stealing product and money. She knows all too well the power wielded over us and that it takes a village in the war on us.

Freedom Grow has recently joined forces with Organa Brands. A company that consists of five different cannabis products and chooses to meet its moral obligation by supporting those that have and do sacrifice for the amazing plant known as cannabis (unless you’re in Canada). Thank you Organa Brands for stepping up.

Act Now

Freedom Grow is asking that you take the pen pal pledge. Remind those people locked behind bars, being treated like cattle and collateral, that they are human and that you agree they’re innocent of any crime. Reach out, touch base, and if you see a Freedom Grow booth at an event like the Emerald Cup or future Washington events (I plan to volunteer for Freedom Grow), donate and say high and thank you. Thank you for your service for the war on drugs, the world needs more soldiers like these two to stand up and fight for common sense.

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