Fearing The Reefer In Utah, Michigan, and Beyond

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One more day to election day and prohibitionist are panicking and doubling down on their ignorant message in Utah and other States with pending legalization. They’ve ramped up their game of trying to stop a common sense approach to all things, adult. This isn’t the timeliness of articles, but it proves a point that for whatever reason people feel the war on drugs needs to continue, instead of the actual cure of treatment for addiction, not incarceration.

Below is an image from a group known as Truth About Prop 2 which has the most ignorant arguments as to why Utahans don’t deserve a holistic choice. Argument number 1 is that this medical legalization is just a guise for overall legalization and I say yes. State by State as citizens of the United States become united on a proper perspective on cannabis, it is then we can stop putting people behind bars for something that has killed fewer people than selfies.

Utah Reefer Sadness

The prohibitionist in Utah know that cannabis is medicine, that’s why when they start an argument they start with “we support the patients but” claiming that the regulation would create some sort of free for all pot utopia that leads into some decedent un-American nightmare, this is not the case.

Legalization hasn’t created dens of sin or new issues where it has been legalized. What it has created is a better pharmacology understanding for the citizen, users, and nonusers. Just like we know about alcohol and the public, citizens will understand that a dispensary is like any other shop, it’s always reflective of the owner, and it’s business practices, nothing else. Marijuana establishments draw the same amount of crime as jewelry and liquor stores. That cannabis is deemed more criminal is because of the law, change the law, and it will change the crime rate. Utah and many other prohibition States owe some sort of legalization and protections for its citizens when it comes to cannabis; everyone deserves a holistic choice.

While watching Utah, also keep an eye on Michigan. I’ve previously written that Michigan has a huge cannabis culture, and this is why the bill shall prevail, but they still have their reefer sadness. A group known as Healthy and Productive Michigan have taken a play from Kevin Sabet’s SAM playbook and spreading fear that big tobacco could occur, another fruitless argument to keep people behind bars.

Big Tobacco

No matter where you live, this election if you’re looking for real progress, vote for legalization whether it’s the policy or the candidate. As the United States tries to catch up with Canada and Mexico, Kevin Sabet and SAM will let us know of the evils of legalization that include employment, a growing economy and trade opportunities for its citizens, all while putting real criminals behind bars which makes the country safer.

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