Fantastic Opportunity: Ask A True Cannabis Expert Your Cannabis Questions

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When it comes to cannabis, I am endlessly curious. I have been that way since I started consuming cannabis over two decades ago. Cannabis lingo, cannabis history, cannabis culture – it all fascinates me. Cannabis is my favorite topic and I am always yearning for more knowledge about it.

That’s why I was so excited when I heard that Green Flower was collaborating with Steve DeAngelo on a new show called ‘Ask Steve DeAngelo.’ Steve DeAngelo is the founder of the world’s largest dispensary, Harborside. DeAngelo is also an author, a passionate cannabis activist, and a personal hero of mine.

It’s quite possible that Steve knows more about cannabis than any other person on the planet. No one possesses as much combined knowledge about cannabis reform, culture, and business as Steve DeAngelo in my opinion. He has been at the forefront of the cannabis movement for many, many years, and has experiences to draw on that other people simply don’t have.

I have hung out with Steve before, and his stories are riveting and have always left me wanting more. I used the opportunity at the time to pepper him with questions about cannabis in order to learn from his expertise. It was an experience that I cherish dearly. Fortunately, now anyone can do the same by shooting over questions to Steve for his new show.

The Ask Steve DeAngelo show is predicated on viewers sending in their questions to, and then Steve answers them for the benefit of all viewers. The show is very well produced by Green Flower, who has always done an amazing job at putting out quality video content. DeAngelo and Green Flower is a perfect match.

If you are curious about the cannabis industry, or anything else relating to cannabis, I highly encourage you to check out Steve’s new show. Click here to watch the premiere episode of Ask Steve DeAngelo produced by Green Flower, and share it with everyone that you know!

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