“F” The Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department In Tennessee

reefer madness

Fuck these guys, in particular, is how I feel when I make memes and rate law enforcement pages. The Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department is guilty of being an example of an overzealous drug war and ignorance.

Recently a reader turned me on to these shining examples of human beings, and I thought I’d share some thoughts and their page with you. As one scrolls down the Facebook page of this department, you can almost hear the banjos and someone saying, “You got a pretty mouth boy”.

Van Buren Sheriff's Department

The Marijuana El Chapo

Drugs don't ruin lives, police do

This is not a lot of cannabis


Troll da Police is not just a monthly article I have in the Northwest Leaf, but it’s also a way of life for many, part of the many not in view. The many who believe ending prohibition can right many wrongs and make America great again.

The internet has been and is the new social disobedience; one can’t be wrong for sharing the truth.

It’s Safer to Drink and Do Opiates in Tennessee Than smoke cannabis

Besides their posts straight from 1940, they post pictures of those arrested with a disclaimer “All Suspects Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty” if that’s the case, how about we do not publish people’s images in small-minded America. Out of respect I have covered the faces but left you an example.

Guilty of being innocent

Why is Tennessee still living with their head up their ass? Do they not have the internet or modern conveniences? Do they not know how to use Google and interpret scientific data that shows places that have decriminalised or even legalized cannabis are better off?

Dear Tennessee Officials;

Please stop poisoning your youth with lies and misconceptions because that’s what the war on drugs has been. You have been misled and should be mad that you are presently on the wrong side of history.


A Concerned Citizen

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