Ex-Cops And Orange Is The New Black Actor Say NO To The Drug War

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Actor Matt Peters from the hit NETFLIX original series Orange is the New Black and a group of former law enforcement officers (LEAP) will speak out about the hypocrisy of America’s war on drugs this weekend on Cannabis Planet.

Orange is the New Black is the most watched show in NETFLIX history and has dedicated an entire season to the privatization of prisons for profit and the moral issues facing the federal penal system.  “I think it is ridiculous to incarcerate anyone for using a plant, something that half our population has admitted to doing,” said Matt Peters, who plays Joel Luschek on the show.

LEAP – Law Enforcement Action Partnership is a group of ex law enforcement professionals who speak out against the drug war. “Prohibition is the worst failed social policy in this country since slavery,” stated Major Neill Franklin, formerly of the Baltimore and Maryland State Police.

Cannabis Planet is an educational television program about the benefits of marijuana, they bring their message of food, fuel, fiber and medicine into millions of TV households weekly across the U.S. The thirty-minute program airs every weekend in Prime Time on independent stations across the country.  (Listings available at: www.cannabisplanet.com/find-us-on-tv/)

Weekly features include Cannabis cooking with Chef Mike Delao, Hemp Facts with newscaster Pat Finerty and the “Higher Perspective”, an esoteric look at the plant from comedian Ngaio Bealum and a musical guest.

Banned by the major satellite services, Cannabis Planet still reaches their viewership via independent, full-power transmission stations whose signals are “must-carry” to all television services within each specific market.  Every week, the show broadcasts in Los Angeles (KJLA), Chicago (WOCK), Philadelphia (WACP), Washington D.C. (WMDE), & Palm Beach (WHDT).
The program is also available online at www.CannabisPlanet.com

Cannabis Planet wanted to also broadcast on a New York station, on KHSV in Las Vegas and KOFY in San Francisco, yet all three stations refused to air the programming, claiming it was against their network policies.

Sneak Preview –  https://vimeo.com/236648975

Photos -  http://cannabisplanet.com/show-photos/

Source: PR Newswire

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