Ever Wondered What’s In a Pre-Roll?

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Even if it’s not everyone’s favorite way to use cannabis, most people can appreciate the convenience of a well-rolled joint. Back when cannabis culture was still in its infancy the joint was the go-to method of consumption, and to this day it holds a special place in people’s hearts. It’s cheap, easy to use and even easier to dispose of. It’s perfect for a smoking circle with your friends as it’s not as bulky as a bong and doesn’t need to get repacked every few hits like a pipe. And unlike an edible, it won’t ask for your commitment to stay high for half a day or longer.

It’s nice to be able to skip all the cannabis accouterments and having a quick smoke without much effort. It takes skill and practice to roll a joint that will burn well, though. Before the start of the regulated market, if someone wanted to smoke a joint, they had to learn to roll it themselves. But now, cannabis dispensaries have taken over that role and have begun rolling and selling their own joints to a willing customer base in need of ready-to-use cannabis products.

Yet, some savvy cannabis consumers have started to question what exactly is going into their pre-rolled joints and if they’re worth the price. Some have even lamented that most of the pre-rolls they’ve tried are packed using low quality, unsmokable cannabis parts, like trim and stems. Is this the case for all of them, or is it possible to find top-quality pre-rolls made with actual flower?

It turns out there’s no easy answer as quality can vary greatly depending on where you purchase.

Many pre-rolls are made in-house by dispensaries themselves using the shake left over after a day’s worth of sales. Shake is just the small pieces of cannabis that fall of buds throughout the day and this practice ensures that all of a dispensary’s flower gets put to use. There is a minuscule difference in potency in shake versus bud, as the greater surface area of shake means more of the THC and other cannabinoids are exposed to air, causing them to oxidize and break down. This difference is barely noticeable though, and shake pre-rolls are just as potent as ones rolled from bud.

The longer shake sits out, the less potent it becomes. Shake is also only as potent as the strain it comes from, so if a dispensary is combining shake from all their jars at the end of the night to make mystery, or rainbow, joints, it’s possible that low-quality bud could be the main ingredient. Even then, flower is flower and a fresh shake joint will still give you a good high.

The real problem comes from unscrupulous vendors who don’t want to waste any part of the plant. When cannabis is harvested, the leaves and stems are removed to improve the quality and smokeability of the final product. Trim can be used for making hash, tinctures and topicals, but really shouldn’t be smoked due to their low potency and harsh flavor.

When you purchase a pre-rolled joint, you won’t know what’s inside unless you sacrifice one to check for ground flower or stems. A better option is to purchase a highly-rated premium product, like Lowell Smokes. One of California’s oldest cannabis farms, Lowell Herb Co. was founded in 1909 and has many years of experience crafting high-quality pre-rolled joints. Their flagship product, Lowell Smokes, is made from organically-grown buds rolled in translucent, chemical-free wrapping paper that lets you see exactly what you’re smoking. Lowell Smokes test at 22-25% THC. They come in a minimalist cardboard package that hearkens back to the early days of cannabis agriculture. Lowell Smokes are available in 3.5 gram (1/8 oz) and 7 gram (¼ oz) packages and guarantee you won’t get any trim or shake for a unique and powerful smoking experience.

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