Employees Have Rights Against Discrimination for Medical Marijuana: A Lawyer’s Perspective

cannabis discrimination

Our friendly neighbourhood cannabis industry lawyer, Tom Howard is back to discuss how employers need to respect medical marijuana cardholder’s rights.  Employer’s on the East Coast – and welcome Pennsylvania to the medical marijuana fold – have been made by courts to respect the laws of the state.

Always check your state’s medical marijuana statute

Courts always consult the statute when carrying the law into effect.  When an employee with a medical marijuana card loses a job just because he or she is a medical marijuana patient, what the law actually says about that is very important.

While many of the states provide for protections to stop discrimination against patients solely because they have a medical marijuana card, remember not every state is the same.  Florida is much more employer-friendly than Illinois – at least when it comes to medical marijuana (probably most other things as well).  So besides realizing you’re totally screwed if you’re in Florida, always remember that medical marijuana statutes are typically designed to benefit the patients.

But then adult use comes to Washington state and….well, let’s save that for another post.  You can subscribe to the Cannabis Industry Lawyer on YouTube right here.

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