Efforts To Legalize Cannabis In Michigan Must Not Be In Vain

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I received the following urgent message out of Michigan today:

Thanks to supporters like you, a November 2018 ballot initiative that would regulate marijuana like alcohol in Michigan is within reach! In fact, the campaign has already collected 90% of the total signatures necessary to make that happen.

Victory is so close, but there is one big problem: the campaign doesn’t have enough funds to finish the job.

If the Michigan campaign can’t raise enough money to complete the signature drive in the next several weeks, all of its efforts will have been in vain. This signature drive has been under budget and ahead of schedule since Day One, so a little bit of help is all that’s needed to see this thing through.

Since 2012, every election cycle has seen new states voting to legalize marijuana for adult use. First it was Colorado, then Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, California, Massachusetts, and Maine. Michigan is the only state with an opportunity to do the same in 2018, so we must do everything we can to ensure that this initiative qualifies for the ballot.

Maintaining momentum is essential.

Please donate $10, $25, or $1,000 dollars to the Michigan campaign today. Let’s keep the hot streak alive in 2018!


Robin Schneider
Finance Director
Regulate Michigan

Johnny Green
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