Doctors Are More Concerned About Obesity Than Marijuana

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More than one third of Americans are considered to be obese. You see it referenced on the news all the time. Even more Americans are overweight. It’s a problem that grows with every passing year. Obesity leads to all kinds of health problems, including premature death.

Tobacco and alcohol also create lots of health related problems for users. People die from tobacco and/or alcohol consumption all the time sadly. Those are real health-based problems that face America. But for some reason marijuana is always made out to be the boogeyman. Why is that?

It’s not because of science, that’s for sure. Marijuana opponents will always paint marijuana reform to be the beginning of the end for Americans’ health, but won’t say a peep about other things found in society that absolutely are wreaking havoc. If marijuana opponents truly wanted to help make the world a better place, they would be spending their time elsewhere and championing other causes. According to a recent survey, American doctors agree. Per the Washington Post:

Researchers presented a representative sample of 233 primary-care physicians with nine hypothetical patient behaviors — tobacco use, alcohol use, obesity, etc. — and asked them how much of a problem they thought these behaviors were on a 10-point scale. Their goal was to suss out differences in doctors’ attitudes and treatment behaviors based on their political affiliation.

Among the nine behaviors, doctors rated marijuana use as the least-worrisome behavior, tied with abortion as an area of concern. By contrast, doctors rated not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle and having intercourse with sex workers several times a year as the most problematic behaviors on the list.

The survey weighted the options, with doctors being able to rank how ‘serious a problem’ each behavior was on a scale of 1-10. The behaviors were (in order from most serious to least serious): not wearing a helmet (8.4), having sex with a prostitute (8.4), tobacco use (8.2), depression (8.2), alcohol use (7.8), obesity (7.8), firearms in the house (7.4), previous abortion (5.7), marijuana (5.7).

This is a subjective survey, in that it’s based off of doctors’ opinions. But these are primary care physicians, and their opinions are based off of many years of experience. I don’t know what a doctor knows about someone having a gun in a house, but when it comes to substance consumption and activities that directly affect health like sexual activity and depression, that’s right in their area of expertise.

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