Director Brisbo, John Sinclair, Others To Appear At Free Michigan Cannabis Conference

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The Michigan Cannabis Business Development Group (MICBD) announces a free conference designed to end the confusion surrounding the new adult use of cannabis program, the emergent hemp industry and the evolving laws governing CBD production and sale.

The Michigan Patient and Caregiver Conference and Expo on July 28 features Michigan’s internationally-famous cannabis advocate John Sinclair and the Director of the new state Department overseeing the cannabis industry, Andrew Brisbo. Lansing’s Radisson Hotel will host the event, which runs from 10am until 7pm.

The Conference and Expo comes at a crucial crossroads for the state’s various cannabis industries. New rules for the adult use of cannabis program were released this month; medical cannabis businesses are struggling to meet consumer demand; Michigan’s first legal hemp crops have been planted; CBD-infused products are popping up in stores across the state; new regulations ensuring the inclusion of disadvantaged communities in the adult use industry should be announced near the date of the event.

“Other conferences have focused on the business opportunities in the emergent industry; this event is centered around the consumer,” Thompson says. The free event will draw both registered medical patients and consumers in the new adult use marketplace. “For many this will be their first exposure to the cannabis industry’s major players in the MMFLA program, in the legal world and in the fields of activism and representation.”

Cannabis consumers and voters will be introduced to the industry’s powerhouse companies and prominent figures at the event Expo section, also free to enter. No THC products will be on display or sold at the event. Advocacy groups like NORML of Michigan and the Michigan Hemp Industries Association will be on hand, as will MMFLA facilities, attorneys, CPAs and other professional service providers.

“This is a conference of firsts,” says Jamie Lowell of the MICBD Group. “It is the first time Director Brisbo and Mr. Sinclair will be together, first MICBD Conference after the adult rules were released, and the first time this event has been offered to consumers for free.”
Speakers for the Conference include:

  • Justin Dunaskiss, Dunaskiss Consulting and Development Inc.;
  • Andrew Brisbo, Director, Marijuana Regulatory Agency;
  • Michael Komorn, attorney, and principal, Michigan Hemp Industries Association;
  • John Sinclair, legendary activist and poet;
  • Kareyna Miller, CPA, LC Solutions.

Media is invited to attend and interviews with Sinclair, attorney Komorn, the Director and others are available. Director Brisbo will speak at 1pm.
More information is available at:

Source: The Social Revolution – syndicated with special permission

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