Detroit Voters Approve Medical Cannabis Proposals

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The good news from yesterday’s election just keeps on rolling. Below is a message I received out of Michigan:

Voters lifted some restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries in Detroit yesterday. Proposal A, a medical marijuana facilities ordinance, passed with 60 percent support from voters, and Proposal B, a zoning ordinance, had 58 percent support.

Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Reform collected the signatures that enabled the initiatives to be placed on the ballot. Group spokesman Jonathan Barlow said the proposals offer a clean slate for the application process for marijuana dispensaries.

Proposal A requires Detroit to opt into the state law that recognizes five licenses: growing, testing, processing, transporting, and provision centers. It eliminates all distance requirements for dispensaries near parks, day cares, liquor stores, and arcades and reduces the distance requirement for churches and other medical marijuana facilities from 1,000 feet to 500 feet.

Proposal B expands the number of places where medical marijuana facilities can operate as well as eliminates the zoning board appeals application review that required public comment.

Currently, there are 10 medical marijuana dispensaries that have been licensed by the city, and there are another 96 facilities being reviewed. Thanks to Detroit voters, patients will have more access to medical marijuana in the Motor City!


Jesse Kelley
Legislative Counsel
Marijuana Policy Project
Washington, D.C.

Johnny Green
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